Bring Me Broken Robots and I Will Bring You Planetary and Spiritual Victory Tardus 09/19/2022 (Mon) 08:40 Id: e266fd No.19000 del
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>The elites don't need you.
>All the infrastructure has been built
>and the globalists will soon have robots.

Yeahhhmmm okay I will step to this shit. And, maybe you are right in this. But it is short sighted.
Right now they do see all humans as the enemy. ALL THE MORE GLORY TO ADOLF our friend, who did not seek to eschew any of Earth, but sought to show National Honor and Racial Dignity as a path for us to walk, yes even as his Master Christ, and yes I whole heartedly say that Adolf stood humble in that light. 100% do I believe young Adolf and also old Adolf, were both Christians. THUS all victories of the enemy are Pyrrhic, and are folly. It would be best, if all jews become self hating jews, and spend their remaining days in pennance.
"The Six Million died to purge their bad karma." - Rabbi Oveida ...Their own celebrated rabbi stabs them with the six million dagger as he tells them they earned it. Ha ha a priceless quote from the P'obama era.

Having said all that, honestly what you are referring to is the "Demolition Man Context" as we all saw in the fine film with Sandra Bolloks and the actor who played Rambo. In that film, police are catamite castrati, prisoners are released to do carnage, and some super race exists above us. Except that it isn't about race in the movie because its ultimately made by kikes, and they leave out all the good stuff like race and breeding and basically they make a pastice of what they intend, to dull the eyes of the cow goy. GOD BLESS US WHO CAN SEE because one of the gaps in the film is this: Hey man, I am damn good with electronics, I will take that robot, and take all the components. Oh you will booby trap and seal it in good, like these phones are glued plastic garbage, but men like me, electronics geeks, we love the problems you make, because we unmake them and send you own weapons back at you.