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Jim Stone's New Site (Mirrored), Previous Site Taken Down: <----access direct server IP to bypass any ISP censorship

JIM STONE COMMENTED: This new server was paid for with bitcoin. BOOKMARK THIS SITE Claudia managed to at least temporarily get shut down.

Claudia said she was going to take the site down because the e-mail address associated was hers, and I can't change that. The server is paid, that's not the problem. She started claiming I was using her identity for it but that's not the case, a second party is handling that, it is anonymously registered. There are no tech support messages and I can't contact them either because it sends a confirmation link to Claudia's box and it is MANDATORY to click it for tech support. There is nothing I can do about it.

After everyone sent all that damn money for her cancer, this is what she did. And I think it happened because American intelligence got agents planted in her scientology org in Leon, and they scrambled the shit out of her on purpose with an e-meter so she'd destroy me. What she has done is inexplicable.

Anonymous sent: Jim, I'm deeply sorry about your personal problems. My guess is that when Claudia was operated on, "they" got to either the doctor or a nurse and forced them to inject the stuff that's in the bioweapon shots that is responsible for the mind-control Rwanda massacre; in short the stuff that turns you into a golem.

I decided to send you this note in spite of the certainty that "they" will be monitoring who sends you comments, because the possibility that I outline above poses a physical danger to you and your work is too important for the world to let them blindside you.

JIM RESPONDS: All I know is that everything went to sh*t after the operation.