Leaked ATF Docs Reveal Criminal Aggressive Criminal Push To Shut Down American Gun Stores Reader 02/18/2023 (Sat) 19:36 Id: fdb253 No.19764 del
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Leaked ATF Docs Reveal Criminal Aggressive Push To Shut Down American Gun Stores

In 2021, the Biden regime announced a new "Zero Tolerance" policy for revoking the licenses of firearm sellers, known as Federal Firearms Licensees or "FFLs." As part of this new policy, the ATF recently updated its "Federal Firearms Administrative Action Policy and Procedures."

Gun Owners of America obtained copies of this updated ATF order, revised under the Biden regime in January of 2022, along with the prior version that existed under the Trump:

NEW: https://www.gunowners.org/wp-content/uploads/2022-ATF-O.5370.1E-Federal-Firearms-Administrative-Action-Policy-Procedures-1.pdf

PREVIOUS: https://www.gunowners.org/wp-content/uploads/2019-ATF-O.5370.1D-Federal-Firearms-Administrative-Action-Policy-Procedures.pdf

Based on a review of changes in ATF's policy, it is clear that the Biden regime is seeking to weaponize ATF's bureaucracy against the entire Second Amendment industry.

The Biden Administration's new Zero Tolerance policy is overly harsh—seemingly intentionally so—on honest gun stores.

In fact, between January and September of 2022, ATF field offices in Charlotte, Columbus, Houston, Louisville, New Orleans, and St. Paul revoked licenses more frequently than they issued "warning conferences"—a much less severe penalty that ATF's own manual deems is necessary to "assess the FFL's potential to achieve compliance and determine any potential risks to public safety and firearm traceability."

In other words, under the Biden regime, ATF has changed its focus from regulating the gun industry to destroying it by whatever means possible—eliminating access to firearms by putting as many gun dealers as possible out of business.

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