Reader 02/23/2023 (Thu) 23:57 Id: 813271 No.19789 del
AI is everywhere, fren. It's not just wealthy companies with fucktons of GPU. AI in video games constantly improves, which programming could feasibly be translated into a real world shell. It used to have trouble with terrain and get stuck throughout the 2010s. Now "followers" can navigate anywhere to keep up with the player. "Enemies" have more advanced difficulties because of predictive programming. Blackrock's AI named "Aladdin" is so sophisticated, it trades in shares and stocks to net them trillions so that they (and their brother company Vanguard) can waste millions buying the majority of shares for entertainment companies to push woke propaganda. Even though that "entertainment" is losing millions at the box office because people aren't really into woke shit. It doesn't matter to them. Blackrock is rich. AI can even create art. Pic related. This is accessible to anyone who has familiarity with downloading programs and adjusting parameters. The sheer quality of the art by AI will replace degenerate art very swiftly. On art sites, it has pretty much pushed real artists out of popularity, almost replacing them. That is because, for seven decades now, degenerate art has been praised by the art scene. Now they're losing control. Quality over quantity, and AI has both.

The simple matter is, while jews desire to halt progress and cause a reverse into total destruction, they cannot stop the coming tides. The tribe has fought to conceal or snuff out what they ultimately cannot. A majority of people will always prefer culture to chaos, aesthetic over degeneracy and values over woke.