Reader 02/27/2023 (Mon) 10:12 Id: 265dc7 No.19798 del
In other words, engineered pathogens designed to make people go insane. And if inducing panic and psychosis to dissolve people’s minds is not enough, there are also “Gene-edited microbiologicals with novel morbidity/mortality profiles” — that is to say, bioweapons tailored to your genome which will kill and injure you in new ways.

If this is sounding disturbingly familiar, consider the development of “Nano-neuroparticulate agents” — or tiny objects to make your brain die.

Giordano is extremely pleased with himself to reduce humanity to the metaphor of a machine to be sabotaged. He is the kind of person who sees ethics as a weapon of the enemy, and in fact says so himself, before going on to explain how “Neurovascular haemorrhagic agents…” — things that cause internal bleeding — can be used for “in-close and population use as ‘stroke epidemic’ induction agents.”

A “stroke epidemic” you say? What a remarkable coincidence for the war criminals who want to depopulate and enslave the world.