Reader 03/09/2023 (Thu) 11:29 Id: bc411a No.19825 del
There are two types of capital:
That which represents production of goods for human survival, and that which is made up of threats, i.e weapons.

As long as you can sustain yourself the weapons are a good idea to defend what you produce, but once someone comes up with the idea to start robbing the producers and no one manages to stop it, society is walking the path to destruction.

This is what is happening in Ukraine now, it's the manifestation of the unproductive trying to force the producers to give up their goods. But once they've been robbed bare, all they can do is fight for their lives. We now have one side that has natural resources and production capability and one side that used their money to buy weapons. The side that has the weapons aren't going to be the winning side, because they are at their core unsustainable and do not understand economy.