Beyond Third World: Democrat Bill In Baltimore Would Drop Felony Charges For MURDER Reader 03/10/2023 (Fri) 11:51 Id: a632a3 No.19840 del
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Beyond Third World: Democrat Bill In Baltimore Would Drop Felony Charges For MURDER

As if violent crime in the cities of America is not systemic enough... Democrats in Baltimore, Maryland have introduced a bill that would prevent anyone under the age of 25 from facing first-degree murder charges in certain circumstances.

The legislation, House Bill 1180, was introduced by Democratic Delegate Charlotte Crutchfield, who hilariously calls it the 'Youth Accountability and Safety Act.'

The bill, which is working its way through the House, has faced significant pushback from conservatives.

"It would be absolutely outrageous and result in more crime," said law enforcement expert Maury Richards, former Chief of Police of Martinsburg, West Virginia, Fox5 Baltimore reports. "Last year, with Senator Carter's Juvenile Justice Reform Act, it really opened the floodgates. There is a crime wave of violence going on right now, but instead of the legislator debating to rescind that, we're hung up on whether 25-year-olds should be charged with murder."

"They know the difference between right and wrong. They're just not being held accountable and they don't care about right or wrong," said Folden.

And according to GOP Delegate Susan McComas of Hartford County, "This bill is the definition of insanity. We are going to legalize murder as long as people are under 25. Outrageous."

Even Democratic Delegate Carl Jackson of Baltimore County thinks it's absurd. "I believe that accountability must be at the center of any discussion regarding the criminal justice system," he said.

MY COMMENT: If this doesn't prove to Americans that corruption in politics can create a bit of a problem, then nothing will!

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