Raising Meat Rabbits to Survive What's Coming Reader 03/11/2023 (Sat) 00:38 Id: b0cb57 No.19845 del
Gardens Are Good. Raising Meat Rabbits is Even BETTER.
> and they produce tons of fantastic fertilizer that you can use in your garden.

You Will Need a Good Protein Source.
Rabbits are herbivores, and will not compete for grains with us.
Hunting and fishing are all fine and good for a VERY Short Time.
Remember, during the Depression ALL the Wildlife was virtually wiped out.

Raising backyard rabbits is the best way to survive. A few chickens for eggs too.
Never put all your eggs in one basket. Diversify your food sources. You can't live off of just a garden and some eggs.

But rabbitses are EASY! 1 buck and 3 does will produce as much meat as an entire cow in a year… Close to 100 offspring. Easier to harvest too.

Between a rabbit tractor to roll around the yard so they always have fresh grass, and a few hutches, you can SURVIVE. There's not a lot of fat on 'em, but LOTS of Protein, and Very Little Upkeep. They eat grass and bark off yard cuttings, etc…
I'm building a rabbit tractor now.
Not needing to mow as often is a huge plus.

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