BREAKING NEWS !! Reader 03/16/2023 (Thu) 13:08 Id: 9a24ef No.19995 del
Sarcastic, Overly-Experienced Older Man Ridicules Online Wannabes With Parody "Cloned" Threads!!

REUTERS - reports have surfaced that an extremely annoying old man has been making fun of online douchebuckets on the internet since before it was called "the internet".

In an impromptu press conference Wednesday evening, a person who seemed very official announced, "this perpetrator is a cynical, brutally honest asshole called 'Neptune', and nobody's been able to stop him yet.. it's highly unlikely anybody is going to be able to stop him anytime in the future."

Rumors have abounded for many many years about his legendary "Cloned threads", in which he points a finger of ridicule at transparently inept online losers, with many international news agencies reporting on some of his more recent work in "imageboards" (chatrooms)

While many fragile readers consider 'Neptune' to be a mean vulgarian, the intelligent readers realize that the older experienced son of a bitch is simply pointing out THE OBVIOUS.

(Pic related: 'Neptune' points out the painfully obvious fact that anyone who tries to kill their boredom by creating irrelevant worthless threads during the weekdays OBVIOUSLY doesn't have a job)

TASS News Agency recently reported that 'Neptune' is planning on creating an ongoing series of satirical "clones" in a particularly irrelevant website called 'endchan'.

Certain outraged endchan mods have demanded action, asking "why not just delete his annoying threads and ban his IP range?"

During Wednesday's Press Conference, the official looking spokesman addressed this age old question. "Neptune doesn't give a flying fuck if he gets deleted or banned, because he has thousands of accessible IPs, and every time he gets deleted, he laughs and creates 50 more threads."

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