Reader 04/27/2023 (Thu) 12:42 Id: 09edc8 No.20898 del
Pfizer has listed all the organizations that they bribed in their US Medical, Scientific, Patient and Civic Organization Funding Report. According to their own financial records, Pfizer provided special funding to nonprofit and trade organizations that lobbied in favor of government policies that sought to mandate covid-19 vaccines.

For instance, the Immunization Partnership, a public health nonprofit in Houston, Texas, took a $35,000 bribe from Pfizer in 2021 for “legislative advocacy.” Instead of addressing the debilitating side effects from Pfizer’s covid jab and its inability to confer immunization, the nonprofit peddled Pfizer’s lies and even publicly attacked legislation in Texas that went on to block vaccine passports and municipal vaccine mandates. The Immunization Partnership claimed that the bills “erode the vital role of our state’s public health and medical experts in combating this pandemic.” Two years later, it is organizations like Immunization Partnership that verifiably sold out to medical fraud and deception, and participated in a variety of human rights abuses, to ultimately erode the public’s confidence in medical and public health experts.

The aggressive propaganda behind covid-19 vaccine mandates is due to an underlying and pervasive cowardice that exists in the leadership positions across hundreds of “independent” organizations throughout American society. Many of these cowardly leaders didn’t even disclose Pfizer funding as they pushed forward unethical policies of subjugation, discrimination, and segregation that coerced workers to get multiple injections that didn’t work and caused further harm. These organizations all pushed the false claim that covid-19 vaccines “prevent transmission of COVID-19” and that covid-19 is a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.” As these mandates were aggressively rolled out, no exception was made for individuals with natural immunity through prior infection or for individuals who choose natural exposure so they can get natural immunity. The unreasonable and harmful propaganda was carefully planned and orchestrated by Pfizer and made prominent throughout American society due to pervasive cowardice and a fearful inclination of “leaders” who willingly bow to false gods.