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26. Industry folds, and all the people from these groups - the same names, over and over - get together for hors d'oeuvres at cozy conferences with NATO STRATCOM, the Center for European Policy Analysis, the Carnegie Endowment, etc. One big club.

27. Here 12 Attorneys General ask Twitter to deplatform the 'disinformation dozen". Twitter jumps into action to help.

28. Nor was I prepared to read bluntly Orwellian communications like Twitter's cheery "Visibility Filtering Year in Review" Newsletter, boasting of new innovations in "soft intervention" and the "Visibility Filtering Library."

29. More surprising was the violation of commonly held privacy values. Meedan (one of Twitter’s 4 main 'anti-disinformation' partners on Covid) had an Omidyar funded project called CryptoChat that advocated peering into private, encrypted messages to weed out "misinformation".

30. In a similar vein The Algorthmic Transparency Institute (a core Virality Project partner) conducted Stasi-style “civic listening” and “automated collection of data” from “closed messaging apps” to hunt down "problematic content" through its Junkipedia initiative.