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31. NGOs shill for corporate products. The Public Good Projects (a Twitter's COVID 'misinformation' partner) ran initiatives to "increase vaccine demand". @lhfang's #TwitterFiles revealed BioNTech sought Twitter's help to repress a vaccine equity campaign.

32. The story of the #TwitterFiles and the Censorship-Industrial Complex (CIC) is really the story of the collapse of public trust in experts and institutions, and how those experts struck back, by trying to pool their remaining influence into a political monopoly:

33. In the #TwitterFiles we repeatedly see terms like "infodemic," "information pollution," and "information disorder," which express elite panic over the great technological explosion that has radically expanded the "contagion" of democratic participation.

34. The Western "anti-disinformation" field, with its Government collaboration and calls for more state control over speech and expression, is betraying human rights activists around the world, who fight against online government repression.

35. Let's put the "non-government" back into NGO and defund the "anti-disinformation" industry. After all, the information control shoe will one day be on the other foot.