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Oh, you can preach to the hoards if you're smart. This has happened before. The NSDAP had to have guards during their meetings because the term "National Socialists" and red armbands where meant to troll Communists by luring them there. Because the NSDAP worked on an older model of Socialism pre-Marx, but Commies didn't know that. Hitler described how they howled with laughter at how easily Communists where duped without even having to lie. Often times, violence broke out because of course they are Commies.

There is, however, much truth to what you say. Jews lost their grip for around 12 years in Germany and just as much time prior in their attempts to silence Hitler but thereafter because they fled and offshored their assets, jews spread their influence to go to war vs. Germany. Also because mirror groups of the NSDAP in other nations where dismal failures in comparison. The jewish mafia in America (so violent they were coined 'Murder Inc') butchered members of the American parties.

Mistakes were made. Besides the fact border and coastal forts were not prioritized over spreading the German army too thin to protect their allies (Axis), there was not enough focus on overseas campaigns nor enough skilled operations (many ended in failure due to incompetence). Size back then was also an issue. Germany was smaller than Texas. The U.S. could not be challenged when it used to be the strongest nation. Imagine successfully removing the parasites from the entire United States this time around.

And Johnny jew has come to insult Hitler yet again (and of course his obsession with insulting killcen). They just can't help themselves. His posts have been removed. Here is the family tree chart explained for when that particular parasite inevitably comes back.