State-run Media Says You Will Own Nothing In The Future, Personal Choice Does Not Matter Reader 05/08/2023 (Mon) 19:08 Id: 8184d5 No.20979 del
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State-run Media Says You Will Own Nothing In The Future, Personal Choice Does Not Matter

A recent piece in BBC’s “Future World” series on its surface celebrates someone who choose to live an “ultra low carbon lifestyle”.

Throughout the Western world, per capita carbon output ranges from 4.46 (France) to Canada being the highest at 15.43, that does not include any Eastern nations like Russia, India or China.

The article talks about the personal challenges around living an ultra-low carbon lifestyle. According to the piece, 2 tonnes/year is also about half the output of a single gas powered car in the US, so the first step for any Americans (or Canadians) wanting to do this, they would have to start by ditching their vehicles. This of-course is absurd knowing more than half the population in America relies on private transportation to commute to work and to go shopping!

Other behaviours which move the needle would be: eating a plant based diet, buying green energy and forgoing one transatlantic round-trip per year. Of-course this could only happen under very hellish totalitarian enforcement, which would also rely on mass surveillance and an end to our traditional civilized courtesy of the right to privacy in your own home.

In terms of what level of personal CO2 emissions gets the job done “for the climate”, estimates vary. While the 2 tonne number was somewhat arbitrary, there are other climate focused think tanks that feel the number has to be 1.4 tonnes of C02 per person by 2040 and 0.7 by 2050.

Going back to Canada’s “excessive” carbon footprint – if we look at a metric that really means anything – total CO2 output – Canada is basically a rounding error to the world’s largest emitter, China.

The State-run media claims the ultra-low carbon lifestyle isn’t just for the eco-minded, it has to be for everybody. Or it isn’t going to work (“work” being defined as controlling the planet’s climate decades out).

Well if the answer is “no” then that means the ultra-low CO2 lifestyle has to be for everybody. Would that not include China, Russia and India too then?

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