Deagel's Depopulation Numbers For 2025 America Were No 'Conspiracy Theory', America Is Rapidly Collapsing Reader 05/18/2023 (Thu) 12:09 Id: 1347b5 No.21020 del
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Deagel's Depopulation Numbers For 2025 America Were No 'Conspiracy Theory', America Is Rapidly Collapsing

While Democrat politicians continue to wage war upon US Veterans, American citizens nationwide, both men and women, and women in particular, bussing in illegal aliens to take the 'homes' of homeless US Veterans [1] while treating criminals as a 'protected class, and as Susan Duclos perfectly summed up in this new ANP story, waging all-out-war on REAL women, Americans are fleeing Democrat-run cities in droves according to this new story at the Daily Mail [2], completely fed up with rampant crime and homelessness and drug addicts doing drugs on the streets, threatening their livelihoods and their lives.


With massive homeless encampments taking over liberal-run cities like Portland and Los Angeles and Philadelphia and elsewhere while people are openly defecating on the streets in San Francisco [3], leading to hundreds of residents and businesses fleeing those areas and many other liberal hellholes en masse, we can only hope those fleeing have learned from the mistakes made in those cities and not continue to vote in democrats in their new homes, who'll continue to spread their deadly policies. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.


With angry and frustrated residents describing soaring violence, daylight drug use and no response by police officers due to cuts, with furious residents and business owners accusing city leaders of turning a blind eye to the crisis and not addressing the long-term issues, what we're seeing in those cities is a loud siren call to the rest of America of what lays ahead for all of us if we continue down the same path we're on, with illegal immigrants now flooding into the country in record numbers and being given homes paid for by the American taxpayer [4], continuously aided by the biden administration's war upon America.


With the 'global elite' loving all of these illegal immigrants flooding into the country, bringing them cheap labor, if we think what we've seen so far is bad, the truth of the matter is, we haven't seen half the problem yet [5]. As this May 15th story over at the Daily Mail reports, a new scourge striking Democrat-run cities from the East coast to the West is the rapid spread of a drug called 'tranq,' better known as the 'zombie drug,' complete with its ability to eat off human flesh, leaving its users with rotting skin [6], quite literally stumbling around the city streets completely hunched over and spaced out as seen in the photograph above and the final video at the bottom of this story.

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