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And with all of that and more showing the rest of the country exactly where we're headed if we continue to elect braindead liberal politicians into office, with them putting illegal aliens, drug addicts and criminals above law abiding American citizens in their pecking order, even when that means homeless US Veterans, who fought for America, getting kicked out of their hotel rooms to make room for illegal immigrants who shouldn't be in the country, anyways, we see once again how the (((democrat/rino/globalist))) agenda is quite literally a war upon Americans and America [7].


Homeless encampments are soaring on the West Coast in cities like Seattle, Washington, Portland and Eugene Oregon and San Francisco and Los Angeles, California, with Austin, Texas also being hit hard as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with other liberal cities not mentioned on the map above also getting hit furiously hard as Susan Duclos had also reported in this May 10th story titled "Death Of America Shown In Videos And Images As The U.S. Looks Like Poverty Stricken Third World Countries With Tents And Garbage Lining The Streets." [8]


Coming quite literally 'right on time,' with the Deagel Forecast for America long showing our country would be a 3rd world nation by the year 2025, as we'd reported in this ANP story all the way back on December 28th of 2018 titled "If These Numbers From A Deep State Sourced Website Are Correct, America Will Be A 3rd World Nation By 2025," Deagel's forecast suggested the 'End Game' has arrived [9].