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The FBI whistleblowers have come forward at great personal risk. They and their families have suffered mightily, in some cases leaving them without their belongings. All have honorably served this country, yet they are suspended without pay and have been barred from pursuing outside employment. They call themselves “The Suspendables,” a term coined by Seraphin. Seraphin, Friend, and others continue to receive information detailing corruption and misconduct from FBI agents who are still on the inside.

Whistleblowers are supposed to be protected by laws that allow them to report government corruption and abuse without fear of reprisal. According to the Executive Summary, “The FBI has violated whistleblower protection laws and abused its security clearance review process to hamstring the brave agents who exercise their right to make protected disclosures to Congress or who dared to question agency leadership.”

The men who testified Thursday are some of the best our country has to offer. They appeared in public and before the Committee not only to correct the record but to alert and activate the American people. Each one hopes his testimony will help correct the egregious wrongs taking place in the highest positions of power.