Uncle INTEL- 30m Invaders Assembled, Goal Is 300m Invaders!!! Reader 05/19/2023 (Fri) 18:38 Id: ce0a1b No.21034 del
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Uncle INTEL- 30m Invaders Assembled, Goal Is 300m Invaders!!!

Straight from usually reliable source, he's been right 90% of the time, don't ask for a "link". If you really believe the US MIL will do anything, you are deluded, they are running the operations:
There is no way out for those who are doing this.... It is all or nothing.
There is no appeasing a [those you can't name on GLP] or a criminal socio-psychopath.
Word I just got is 30 million are being assembled to come up now.
We are now in a defacto state of war as the US military and gov forces are without question all "captured flags"
From a friend
Have a tip.....(the "missing explosives" that were stolen, 60,000 lbs of high explosives)
video link to missing explosives won't post on this site...
P.s. Dyno Nobel..... They rigged bld 7 as well as towers 1 & 2 including WORKING DIRECTLY with US pentagon dept of army to procure the backpack nukes on 9/11
Incoming hit is coming no question.
They were the number 1 prime suspect in our findings and I know for certain ONI had that data before they got taken out.
The last brief I reviewed on this matter was above q level clearance.
The connection was made.... Now I'm warning again..... This is a big one incoming.
May want to pass that around and see what you get and especially in very obvious places that will certainly get a hard review.
I've been to dinners with top leadership of Dyno N...

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