Reader 05/22/2023 (Mon) 18:41 Id: c4ce65 No.21047 del
This combination of two articles confuses the matter. Those zombies around in such major cities and hopped up on drugs (left out stealing from nearby businesses) are rarely white and not just limited to Democratic states. Every city has the 'bad part of town' thanks to the mass immigration shilled by "both" political parties the wise know it's just one and an illusion of two. You'll see black and hispanic shambling human trash more often now than homeless white veterans you used to, because those have died off. I drive home from work at night, passing those not white zombies either pushing tarped carts or sleeping on benches. When I must buy groceries or supplies, I notice the drugged up thieves stealing. As I saw in a video about Jew York City, typical unfeeling kikes have put uncomfortably sharp vents above the subway to prevent the homeless from warming up as they sleep.