Reader 08/09/2023 (Wed) 12:49 Id: 821f0e No.21325 del
You might as well call most Christians pawns then, you underestimate how many decades of censorship and brainwashing has on the minds of normies. Even white Christians. Nazism is and will always be considered taboo in America. Many would rather tear you apart before even listening. That doesn't mean they are all enemies. It doesn't mean they deserve to be arrested either. It's a lost cause trying to explain the real history to most normies. What most normies do seem to understand is that their country is not being run by sane, competent or honest people, that they do get and rightly so. If we can get them to vote this Synagogue of Satan out of power with real conservative and independent grassroots movements our country may be able to be saved from total economic collapse, lawlessness, population replacement, despotism and possibly a global nuclear war. I've seen and talked to many normies over the years, their cognitive dissonance is very strong.