The EPA Wants To Run A FAKE Industry That Produces NOTHING And Expects American Taxpayers To Pay For It Reader 08/10/2023 (Thu) 14:55 Id: e6ae0b No.21330 del
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The EPA Wants To Run A FAKE Industry That Produces NOTHING And Expects American Taxpayers To Pay For It

As if Americans have not suffered enough from an oppressive third world totalitarian regime who is destroying the American economy, weaponizing the Justice system to attack the First Amendment of the US Constitution - free speech, as well targeting political opponents, allowing illegals with polio and tuberculosis into the United States to spread deadly disease, ordering social media companies to censor their users for dissent, bullying business owners for defending their right to stop looting and theft in their stores, banning basic appliances Americans use to live their lives every day while bringing the US into the brink of an unwanted highly dangerous and unpopular world war, now this oppressive third world totalitarian regime wants to create a fake industry that will in no way benefit Americans at all, while usurping land and having taxpayers pay for it! We all know in America today, we no longer live in a free market capitalist country where the old traditional yet very basic concept of "supply and demand" is applied anymore. Well the EPA is making it very clear with this new stupid move.

The top lobbying group for US power plants penned a lengthy letter to President Biden's Environmental Protection Agency, arguing that the administration's aggressive plan to curb greenhouse gas emissions from natural gas-fired plants is "unworkable" because it relies on "unproven technologies."

Edison Electric Institute (EEI), whose members include Consolidated Edison Inc., Dominion Energy Inc., FirstEnergy Corp., and Southern Company, said the EPA's "rulemaking record simultaneously downplays the various infrastructure challenges to deploying" carbon-capture systems (CCS) and hydrogen, "while overplaying the current state of deployment and demonstration of each technology."

EEI continued, "Given these realities, neither CCS nor hydrogen blending are adequately demonstrated today as they are not deployable, available, or affordable across the entirety of the industry, and the attendant supporting infrastructure will take more time than EPA predicts to deploy. This assessment factors in the timelines that EPA proposes for standards that may not be applicable until several years in the future. Accordingly, unit owners and operators have significant concerns about the achievability of the proposed standards."

EEI's members power the homes of nearly 250 million Americans and operate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The power industry supports seven million (7,000,000) jobs nationwide, and EEI's members invest $140 billion annually into improving the grid.

"As we outline in these comments, electric companies are not confident that the new technologies EPA has designated to serve as the basis for proposed standards for new and existing fossil-based generation will satisfy performance and cost requirements on the timelines that EPA projects," the letter pointed out.

The EEI membership warned: "This will impact electric companies' efforts to deliver affordable and reliable electricity to customers."

The race to decarbonize the power sector has already left the nation's largest grid, PJM Interconnection, with increasing reliability risks.

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