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Epstein’s Legend of Zorro

As a crony of tech fraudster Jeffrey Epstein who invested in lifelike sex dolls based on his years of experience with less-than-legal teens, Richardson helped finagle the insider real-estate deal for the pedophile’s 7,600 acre Zorro Ranch, north of the state capital Santa Fe. Yes, Epstein did not die in jail but was spotted at the ranch two months after his ‘suicide’...which is conveniently located out of public sight and in short distance from the state line with Colorado and access to either I-70 or I-40 for trucks heading to Jimmy Alefantis’ pedophile safe-house chain in Virginia. Whatever became of all the DACA kids? Now you know. The ranch was recently sold for $300 to a Florida (state) registered Love and Bliss Church, headed by 22-year-old Alexander Leszczynski, in a deed transfer signed by Epstein in April 2019. (Epstein supposedly died on August 10, 2019.) “Out of the night, when the full moon is bright, comes a whore’s man known as Z-Z-Zorro!”

Later, as U.S. Energy Secretary, Richardson was embroiled in two, among many other controversies, in New Mexico. The first being to authorize an underground site south of Carlsbad caverns for a long-term (eternal) nuclear-waste dump site (which later caught fire), and the second was the hysterical spy scandal at Los Alamos laboratory involving a Taiwanese physicist Wen Ho Lee, who eventually was proven innocent after this academic career was demolished.

Richardson’s green energy propaganda spree included a trolley system in Albuquerque, which still conveys a few tourists and hardly any locals (while posing a menace to car traffic). The trolley route passes the touristy Nob Hill district, from whence seven young hookers went missing; their shallow graves later excavated from the sandy Mesa, forcing an end there to real estate development. As chief of the Department of Energy (DOE), Richardson left the state with a legacy of super-expensive solar-energy parks that reflect the sun’s heat onto passing clouds, worsening decades of historic drought. He’s proven to be a Midas-in-reverse, since every nugget of gold he touched turned to excrement.

Well, past his career overdue date, Richardson aided the Clinton administration’s firearms sales to the Sonoran and Juarez drug cartels under Attorney General Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gun-running project, which was later swept under the rug with arrests of local cooperators, including a local family’s sports rifle shop in Columbus, NM, on the border facing Palomas, Chihuahua State. Columbus is where Pancho Villa invaded the USA in March 1916 to then lead General Pershing on a wild goose chase. Geronimo and Pancho, rogues and heroes, were the desert foxes of this accursed corner of a stolen USA, meting out revenge against the wealthy and corrupt on behalf of the little people and all the losers in life. Viva Liberty!