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Surge Pricing ‘Will Eventually Be Everywhere’ Warns Financial Times
MY COMMENT: Hyperinflation due to debt insolvency and loss of the global reserve currency status is near. Have you prepared?

Japanese Panic Buy Gold As Yen Implodes, Inflation Soars

Leader of Failed Bankrupt State Wants New 28th Amendment To Nullify Our 2nd Amendment
MY COMMENT: No! We are never giving up our guns to despotic control freak criminals like you.

"I believe in the same democratic values that my father and my uncle believed in," RFK, Jr. said. "Civil rights, environment, good public health, anti-war, skeptical of the emergence of, the domination of our government by Wall Street, our foreign policy by the military industrial complex... If you go down that checklist, I check every one of them."
But the Democrat election machine refuses to allow a free and fair nomination process to take place, warns RFK, Jr. They've changed the rules. They've disenfranchised states that voted against Biden last time, so their votes will not be counted [in the primaries].

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