Israeli Media Increasingly Critical of Netanyahu Reader 12/18/2023 (Mon) 06:59 Id: 58b806 No.21868 del
There is no doubt that the Zionist entity is having all sorts of problems. Bibi thinks if things get really bad that he can count on the United States to bail them out. This assumption may have been correct decades ago but not so much now. He’s made it much more difficult politically for an American intervention to occur by creating a public relations disaster with their genocide operations inside of Gaza. Even though Jews literally run the regime in Washington DC, it has become very difficult for them to support Israel as they are murdering babies, bombing hospitals and committing endless atrocities.

America is also a power in significant decline. Its military is filled with stupid cunts, niggers and other low IQ individuals because of Jewish social engineering agendas. It might not be possible for them to save the Zionist entity even if they wanted to do so. Look at the Afghanistan failure. It isn’t like the people running things are great military geniuses or anything. Bibi may have gotten Israel into a mess that he can’t get them out of. It is all going to hinge on if he can get America to intervene in a larger war but even if he is successful in doing that, there are zero guarantees that this will work. The Yemen Houthis have already caused all sorts of economic problems for Israel with their Red Sea blockade. There is also a growing lack of respect for American military power around the world. This whole situation could mark the end of this Zionist enterprise once and for all.