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(Jewish Telegraphic Agency)
Usdin says he’s received criticism for his decision to publish an account of an arguably heroic instance of fake news in today’s climate. But these critiques haven’t stopped him. “It’s tremendously irritating to me that an area of inquiry should be off-limits, because people can misinterpret it,” Usdin told RNS. “That’s not history. That’s something else.” (/end Jewish Telegraph Agency)

So, in other words, the Jews lied about “sharks in the English Channel”, but they didn’t lie about the Holocaust — because the Holocaust provided the justification — after the fact — for any “small” lies they told to fight their “holy war” for them. Beginning in the 1920s, Adolf Hitler appropriated the term “Lügenpresse” — or Lying Press — to describe how the communist-sympathetic newspapers under the control of the Jews routinely smeared him and his political allies — even going so far as to claim that he himself was a Jew.

But the problem with this false JTA narrative here is that even many powerful Jews in America — such as Chief Rabbi, Stephen Wise and Supreme Court Justice, Felix Frankfurter — did not believe these early reports of the so-called “Holocaust” coming out of judeo-communist “witnesses” in Europe.

Neither did J. Edgar Hoover nor Franklin Roosevelt — after all, declassified documents from British Intelligence show that they knew the Holocaust “atrocity” stories were part of a cynical propaganda campaign to distract the public from the very real genocide — the Red Terror — that the judeo-Bolsheviks had committed in Russia and Eastern Europe. In fact, Jewish “historians” have gone so far as to claim the “real” reason FDR didn’t believe these preposterous claims of Jewish “genocide” is that he feared a “Jewish takeover” of the United States.

And as we’ve previously shown, so-called “British” Intelligence agencies were infiltrated by communist sympathizers — who were controlled at the very top by Victor Rothschild. So it’s rather disingenuous to claim that these Jewish news agencies were lying about Hitler and the Germans at the behest of “British” interests — the “British” press, like the American press, was firmly under the control of Jewish interests and these so-called “intelligence” agencies which took their marching orders from the Bankers. Even the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) — the precursor the the Central Intelligence Agency — knew full well that many of these “Holocaust” witnesses were bold face liars.

No, the Jews didn’t tell lies about Hitler in order to convince the American military to intervene and stop the “Holocaust” [continued]