Neo-cons Sending Nuclear Warheads To UK Hoping To Stir World War III To Destroy West Reader 01/27/2024 (Sat) 15:55 Id: f28a0b No.21999 del
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Neo-cons Sending Nuclear Warheads To UK Hoping To Stir World War III To Destroy West

The United States government is moving nuclear weapons back into the United Kingdom for the first time in 15 years over a perceived "threat" from Russia.

Procurement contracts for a new facility at Royal Air Force (RAF) base at Lakenheath in Suffolk confirm that the US intends to place Dialable nuclear warheads from 10kt to 1.2 MT at the air base.

The US removed nuclear missiles from the UK in 2008, judging that the Cold War threat from Moscow had diminished.

The disclosure comes in the wake of warnings that NATO countries need to ready their citizens for war with Russia.

Last week, Admiral Rob Bauer, a senior NATO neo-con, said that private citizens should prepare for all-out war with Russia that would require wholesale change in their lives.

General Sir Patrick Sanders, the head of the British Army, went on to warn that the public would need to be called up to fight if there was war with Russia because the Army was too small.

The British government has been the quintessential devil in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, escalating month-by-month, despite Russian warnings to stop.

In fact, it was the British Home Office that initially told Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to "ignore" Russia's Ultimatum on February 22, 2022, wherein Russia gave Ukraine five hours to agree not to join NATO and not to station US missile defenses on Ukraine territory, because such missiles would have about a five minute flight time to Moscow.

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