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>I'm guessing Sephardi
>my family's European Latinos
>tended to be... Well (((them))) in disguise
You're sure of this? Upon reflection, I have no idea about Sephardic jews. Yemen jews in the 1900s were black, yet ZOG has orchestrated their ethnic cleansing and Israel is against black jews. I've spent years exposing Ashkenazi. It's easier just to generalize and say jews. The rest who call themselves jew seem to be ordinary people swallowing some bullshit pill. Brainwashed and converting to the SoS.
>I'm latino
In my four decades on this Earth, I have encountered many latinos/latinas. Mexico is where the illegal U.S. immigrants come from, so I meet a lot of them. Way more than my own Caucasian race. You probably don't want to know about why I'm on the fence and I can't figure your people out. Half seem to be ok and half are lunatics. If I explain, the insanity I've witnessed is going to seem like a troll post.