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>It's easier just to generalize and say jews. The rest who call themselves jew seem to be ordinary people swallowing some bullshit pill. Brainwashed and converting to the SoS.
Thankfully I don't believe in (((Rabbinic Judaism))), since it's, like you said, the Synagogue of S*t*n. And I'm okay with writing out God and Yahweh. It's funny to me that (((the Talmud))) teaches to not write out God's name, like it's some sort of swear word to them. They can't help but expose their own stupidity, I guess.
>In my four decades on this Earth, I have encountered many latinos/latinas. Mexico is where the illegal U.S. immigrants come from, so I meet a lot of them. Way more than my own Caucasian race.
If they look like the Amerindian on the far right of the picture named "Mexican Phenotypes", they're Mestizo and only "Latino" in language, because they speak Spanish. But they're Native Americans genetically. I'm Latino because of my South Brazilian side, where they speak Portuguese. South Brazil has more German and Italian immigrants (there's even full blonds and full red-heads there), though I admit I'm not blond by any stretch of the imagination. I look more like something between the first and second picture, though nowhere near as chad as either of them.
>You probably don't want to know about why I'm on the fence and I can't figure your people out. Half seem to be ok and half are lunatics. If I explain, the insanity I've witnessed is going to seem like a troll post.
No worries lol, as a Brazilian I know how stupid they can be. They're either super friendly and nice, or super violent and stupid.