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>Then you understand. It's Mestizos and Cholos. Probably the ancestry of Aztec human sacrifices and Mayan kings bloodletting their dicks makes them so crazy.
Likely, but that's probably when their ancestry is from further east. In your experience, do Mestizos of Mayan ancestry exhibit the same savage behaviour as those of Aztec ancestry? I know that there's genetic and linguistic overlap between Mayans and Aztec, but I don't live in the U.S.A. so I don't know what they're all like. I know that illegals tend to be people who are seen as unwanted trash (for good reason, if they're willing to break the law by illegally entering another country in the first place and then claim to be "victims") even in their own country, whether they be Middle Eastern, Mexican, etc.
>Reads text in the fourth picture
Oh, the Mayans were crazy too wtf
I always thought Mayans were more civilized than Aztecs. But I guess that's not saying much. I guess being on a different continent for too long will give you island syndrome after too long lol

>Cartilage decays in the first century of decomposition
Kek true, I think we both know (((who's))) behind facial reconstructions like that. Middle Easterners _do tend to have_ bigger noses, but that's a pretty common Caucasian trait in general. *Hooked* noses on the other hand...