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The plan is to withhold imports whilst exporting a majority of our minerals to other countries for awful exchange prices (because at this point, who else wants to keep the $ afloat) in order to merit a feeble attempt at stabilizing our debt-based currency. And yet, this is all oddly too familiar within Oboingo's term, where Hillary acting as State Secretary performed an open-door deal with Russia consisting one one-fourth to one-third of our Uranium (located in West Coast, between Washington and Oregon). All for different measures and strategies to move precious metals away from the homeland, yet nonetheless designed to profit off of the sale covertly.

India's rupee isn't gaining much from this, either. Phasing out our energy sources and prioritizing the en masse conversion to Electric and Solar, which are as inept as the puppet placed at Castle Rock Studios behind a mock oval office. Keep in mind, this puppet has questionably different earlobes in more recent "live" recordings. Questionably so, who is playing the figure cast upon the reflecting pool aka television? Deserves no answer or speculation, as that is merely distracting most Americans.