Reader 02/09/2024 (Fri) 16:55 Id: e60291 No.22089 del
If we really cared about the environment I think the use of carcinogenic glyphosate in agriculture and the use of micro-plastics found in all our plastic goods would be of much more dire concern than coal as an energy source. Coal power plants now have special filters that can carbon capture like 90% or more and release (mostly) steam instead of smoke. They can then properly dispose of those filters after a few years use without the government worrying about too much carbon filling up our atmosphere. And if that won't cut it, well heck, there is always thorium which China and India are using to mass produce energy, which is much much more environmentally sustainable than using uranium lol. Thorium does not stay radioactive for thousands of years, but uranium which we currently use does. :/