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Every time I wish to reply, my free time runs out. Working in this ZOG hellscape is a real pain in the ass. Now I have a little time. So.
He hasn't been here at /news/ in months. Probably because I warned him a few times not to keep going off on anons when they haven't done anything wrong. He had that problem.
No idea what happened to him after his Germania /pol/ thread. There was speculation about an arrest or something because some of Europe's freeze peach is heavily (((policed))).
I do miss his inspiring speeches. The man has talent. Something. A "malady" he called it took his son's mind. There are a myriad of mental illnesses, some real and too many imagined. It's hard to tell exactly what happened.
The last I saw Ocelotte, he stopped by /pol/ and said he was ready to take it back. I wasn't ready because O wanted to promote Anarchism back then. I offered Volunteer instead with no strings attached. He didn't accept though both G_C and Ocelotte were put in the system as Vols regardless. Should they return any time, they'll have it. Been trying to find a regular who can be trusted to keep /pol/ Natsoc ever since.
Never heard of him.