Reader 02/12/2024 (Mon) 14:08 Id: 292d9e No.22101 del
I would say if we were living 40 to 50 years ago this would not even be an issue, self-defense is self-defense period and 99.9% of the courts would agree.

Unfortunately we now live in a communist country and many courts have been corrupted and many replaced with radical leftists. So in no way are we absolutely guaranteed our 2nd Amendment right by every court. Therefore I would suggest fences around your private property, re-enforcing your doorjambs with deadbolts and long thick strike plates to secure the deadbolts (with 3" steel screws through the doorjamb) and the same re-enforcement for the hinges on the other side. That way, if you ever did have to defend yourself, there would be very clear evidence of B&E and before the criminal would be able to break in it would have alerted the neighbors due to the loud brazen attempts to break into your home. After all, if you have witnesses AND proof, then you can contact the NRA and GOA and get some financial backing to take your case to protect your right for lethal self-defense because it just became a major 2nd Amendment issue for the country. There are tons of organizations out there taking such cases and have records of success.