FBI Faggots Blow Themselves Up During Training Exercise Reader 03/17/2024 (Sun) 12:52 Id: 7f7d59 No.22358 del
A bunch of FBI faggots ended up blowing themselves, I mean blowing themselves up, during some sort of training exercise. Talk about embarrassing. There were no deaths and no horribly serious injuries but it was apparently serious enough that it made international news.

I have no sympathy for these clowns. The FBI is a domestic terrorist organization and anybody who volunteers to be a member of the FBI is a big faggot who deserves to get blown up during a training exercise. These FBI assholes have spent years hoaxing fake terrorism plots by entrapping random retards only to take credit for stopping the plots they invented. They are also a totally politicized and corrupt arm of the Jewish-run Democrat Party. They protect the real corrupt criminals while doing raids against people over hoax crimes because of their political views.

The FBI should be abolished but if their people decide that they want to blow themselves up during training exercises that is an acceptable compromise.