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Furthermore, I'd like to add something to clarify my honest opinion. I care less if America creates more nuclear weapons, we probably should just because they are a fail-safe deterrent for escalation. It wouldn't matter anyway because the world would be brought back to the stone age if they were actually used in a global war.

That aside, if Ukraine had negotiated a peace agreement with Russia, millions of Ukrainians would still be alive today and their economy would have recovered. More war only means more destruction for everyone involved. It's best for everyone to stay out of war and engage in diplomacy. That's what the UN was supposedly created for. If NATO decides to go to war I cannot stop them, but me, my family and friends can decide for ourselves whether or not to have anything to do with it and we made that decision. Every American and European needs to make a decision what to do (or not do) during an escalation and the sooner the better.