WAR Against American Food Supply Continues As Idaho Restricts Farms Access To Water Reader 06/16/2024 (Sun) 12:54 Id: 6f93cd No.22643 del
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WAR Against American Food Supply Continues As Idaho Restricts Farms Access To Water

In late May, Idaho Department of Water Resources Director Mathew Weaver issued a curtailment order requiring 6,400 junior groundwater rights holders who pump off the Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer to shut off their spigots.

Idaho Gov. Brad Little, a filthy dirty communist puppet of the WEF, issued a statement "Water curtailment is never desired" but they will do so anyway.

Brian Murdock, an East Idaho farmer, said the water curtailment affects 500,000 acres, which equates to roughly 781 square miles of farmland.

The grain and potato farmer continued, "And, of course, the worst problem is this is happening during a very plentiful water year. We have the reservoirs [that] are completely full, and when I mean full, they're dang near breaking. The rivers are running as high as they possibly can. Just trying to keep those dams from breaking."

In eastern Idaho, groundwater users with junior water rights breached the 2016 agreement in 2021 and 2022. Currently, Gov. Little, the lieutenant governor, the Director of Water Resources, and representatives from groundwater and surface water user groups are discussing a new deal. The plan is to strike a new agreement before the curtailment dries up the farmland.

Murdock told co-hosts Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy that his family's century-old farm faces a $3 million loss due to the state-issued order.

"This is the largest curtailment in the history of the United States as far as farm ground," Murdock said in a video posted on X.

“The State of Idaho and the Idaho Department of Water Resources is issued this curtailment of 500,000 acres. To help put that in perspective, that's basically 781 square miles of farm ground being taken out of production”… pic.twitter.com/zEw3SCrokC

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