sage sage 06/18/2024 (Tue) 11:36 Id: eed396 No.22655 del
I've been skeptical of Hal Turner. I have banned for posting Hal Turner at /pol/. Don't think I'm going to do that anymore though. I'm aware the guy's a FED Narc. He's against Israel at least. Fuck it. I can be aware he'd sell me down the river and simply not join any mailing lists or groups he's into.

Here's the thing. I was woken up to ZOG by Sinead McCarthy and then I found out she was batshit insane, not trusting anyone who turns up thanking her for waking them up to the point she mocks you like a cunt if you do. The bitch believes trees aren't real. She's gone nuts. Jews take her insanity and point to that to invalidate her truths. It doesn't make what she said in the past about kikes wrong.

Skepticism is healthy. Learn to separate fact from fiction. No matter the speaker.