Arab Nations Rebuke CIA/Mossad, Drops Hezbollah From Terrorist Watch List Reader 06/30/2024 (Sun) 09:52 Id: 8dcadb No.22671 del
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Arab Nations Rebuke CIA/Mossad, Drops Hezbollah From Terrorist Watch List

The Arab League has voted to remove Hezbollah from the list of "Terrorist Organizations."

Hezbollah had previously been designated as a "Terrorist Organization" in the year 2016 at the initiative of Saudi Arabia.

At that time the "Party of Allah (Hezbollah)" was accused of being an agent of Iranian influence in the Middle East, and interfering in the internal affairs of Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and the Arab Monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

Now, that designation is lifted, just perhaps days before Israel initiates actual war against Hezbollah/Lebanon.

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