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I live too much in the countryside to know anything about the bigger cities where most of this is supposedly taking place. It's been years since I visited in there, it just doesn't interest me, so I couldn't say. I think however the political climate is completely retarded, with controlled opposition vs controlled opposition, both the government and the opposition are subverted and they both think they are the outsiders, leaving complete walk-over to NATO and EU.

It's ridiculous how they sent 1/4 of our military equipment to Ukraine while just saying "well it means we reduced our army's strength by 1/4th" and then no further comments. We're not talking about some surplus here, they're just giving things away.

Meanwhile the rising food prices are wrecking everyone, many people can't afford the basics, some skip meals. They still go on vacation, by taking loans with no security. I think a large part of Swedes have lost their minds.

There are a lot of reports about Turkish gangs and media rumours literally quoting Mossad saying that Iran is paying Turks to perform shootings here. No idea how true this really is.

It's not really about some Africans or Islamists, it's all about Turks selling drugs and fighting their own.