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It's now happening to some banks in China too. There are also FINCEN laws in place in America to prevent bank runs. If you want to withdrawal more than 10K you need to file it in a government database and get permission in advance before doing so.

Yah, we have a lot of similar problems in America only we have a lot more land, so even though the cities are becoming completely destabilized by foreign gangs and drug dealers, there are still a lot of smaller and medium sized rural towns and communities that are still safe (at least for now that is). Once it starts to spread to the rural rust belt areas I think that will be a death knell indication that America as we knew it is too far gone and beyond repair. I heard someone say long ago the mountains are by far the safest retreats in America. Too late for me to move though, we already paid the mortgage off on our rural homestead and no way do we intend to ever sell it. At this point my mentality is this is the soil to die on, regardless how or when.