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News & Current Events + Happenings
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"Pay The Fuck Up": Hackers Threaten To Dump Secret 9/11 Attack Files If Bitcoin Ransom Not Met Reader Board owner 01/02/2019 (Wed) 00:37:25 Id: 7ed238 [Preview] No. 13534
"A hacking collective known as The Dark Overlord announced on New Year's Eve that it had broken into the computer systems of a law firm and obtained files related to the September 11 attacks - threatening to publicly release a large cache of internal files unless a hefty ransom was paid, according to Motherboard."

"Dark Overlord's demands targeted several insurers and legal firms, including Lloyds of London, Silverstein Properties and Hiscox Syndicates. It is unclear what exact files were stolen by the group, however the hacking collective tweeted "We'll be providing many answers about 9.11 conspiracies through our 18.000 secret documents leak from @HiscoxComms and others."

"Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and Lloyds of London are some of the biggest insurers on the planet insuring everything from the smallest policies to some of the largest policies on the planet, and who even insured structures such as the World Trade Centers," the group's announcement reads. According to a spokesperson for the Hiscox Group, the hackers had breached a law firm which advised the company and had likely stolen files linked to litigation tied to the 9/11 attacks."

"The law firm’s systems are not connected to Hiscox’s IT infrastructure and Hiscox’s own systems were unaffected by this incident. One of the cases the law firm handled for Hiscox and other insurers related to litigation arising from the events of 9/11, and we believe that information relating to this was stolen during that breach," the spokesperson told Motherboard in an email."

"Once Hiscox was informed of the law firm’s data breach, it took action and informed policyholders as required. We will continue to work with law enforcement in both the UK and US on this matter," they added. "Pay the fuck up, or we're going to bury you with this. If you continue to fail us, we'll escalate these releases by releasing the keys, each time a Layer is opened, a new wave of liability will fall upon you," reads the demand letter."

"The hacking collective is also offering to sell the data on the dark web hacking forum, and has reportedly attempted to blackmail individuals mentioned in the documents themselves.

"If you're one of the dozens of solicitor firms who was involved in the litigation, a politician who was involved in the case, a law enforcement agency who was involved in the investigations, a property management firm, an investment bank, a client of a client, a reference of a reference, a global insurer, or whoever else, you're welcome to contact our e-mail below and make a request to formally have your documents and materials withdrawn from any eventual public release of the materials. However, you'll be paying us," reads the post."

"The breach was first alluded to by the Hiscox group, which announced in April that they may have been exposed during a hack on an "unnamed US law firm."

"Hiscox recently learned of an information security incident affecting a specialist law firm in the US that provided advice to Hiscox or its policyholders on some of its US commercial liability insurance claims. The incident involved illegal access to information stored on the law firm’s server, which may have included information relating to up to 1,500 of Hiscox’s US-based commercial insurance policyholders," reads the April announcement." - Tyler Durden of ZeroHedge reports.


Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 14:54:08 Id: 66b495 [Preview] No.13537 del
This is AWESOME if its not larp. Damn it I want this kind of info to leak out so badly!

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 14:57:34 Id: 66b495 [Preview] No.13538 del
It might be real. We need to keep an eye on this so that if docs get released we can archive and mine them. Mirror them and link them to /pol/ boards too.

I'm really hoping this is legit! Thank you for this news update.

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 16:14:27 Id: 66b495 [Preview] No.13541 del

Pastebin of their first tiny release: https://pastebin.com/e5sKzQA0 | https://archive.fo/zIscI

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 16:15:19 Id: 66b495 [Preview] No.13542 del
Here's a copypasta of the hacker's original statement:

"Earlier in 2018, there was a fantastic and very brief article that was published about a global insurer being hacked. The hackers weren't named and the story fell to the darkness shortly after it came about. No further mentions were made. You might guess who these hackers were. Hello world! What was that story? It was this one: http://www.globallegalpost.com/big-stories/us-law-firm-hack-hits-global-insurer-15490236/

What's the takeaway? We hacked Hiscox Syndicates Ltd.

And why didn't Hiscox Syndicates Ltd make this more public? Well, keep reading on to find out! It wasn't just Hiscox Syndicates Ltd that was put at risk, it was Lloyds of London as well as others. Another entity unnamed in this article is Lloyds of London and who we'll attribute as also being involved. Hiscox Syndicates Ltd and Lloyds of London are some of the biggest insurers on the planet insuring everything from the smallest policies to some of the largest policies on the planet, and who even insured structures such as the World Trade Centers. At this point, the keen amongst you may finally be drawing conclusions at this point, but you'll still be astonished at what's to come. Keep reading. This also means that Silverstein Properties is involved, doesn't it? Now things are getting more interesting. Most of you readers will not be privy to the processes and methods utilised by Fortune 500s to litigate high-impact cases, but we are, and thankfully for us, we're going to let you in on this process. When major incidents like the WTC 911 incident happen, part of the litigation must involve SSI (Sensitive Security Information) and SCI (Special Compartment Information) from the likes of the FBI, CIA, TSA, FAA, DOD, and others being introduced into evidence, but of course this can't become public, for fear of compromising a nation's security, so they temporarily release these materials to the solicitor firms involved in the litigation with the strict demand they're destroyed after their use and that remain highly protected and confidential to only be used behind closed doors. However, humans aren't perfect and many of these documents don't become destroyed, and when thedarkoverlord comes along hacking all these solicitor firms, investment banks, and global insurers, we stumble upon the juiciest secrets a government has to offer.

What's the takeaway? We hacked Lloyds of London and Silverstein Properties.

This release of 911 Litigation Documents is highly exclusive and only available from thedarkoverlord! For a limited time only, we're leaking the first few documents as proof of our trove on the famous dark web hacker forum 'KickAss'. For those of you who are most interested in acquiring the entire set of documents, which counts at over 18.000 documents, to include .doc, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, .tif, .msg, and many other interesting formats (or just to acquire the most highly secret and confidential documents), the good news for you is that we'll be selling these documents for a limited time. If you're a terrorist organisation such as ISIS/ISIL, Al-Qaeda, or a competing nation state of the USA such as China or Russia, you're welcome to purchase our trove of documents. You can easily contact us on the dark web hacker forum 'KickAss' or by e-mailing us at the e-mail found below. We'll also sign our PGP key into this message so that you may use our PGP key to contact us if you prefer to be more discreet. ....

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 16:16:07 Id: 66b495 [Preview] No.13543 del

What we'll be releasing is the truth. The truth about one of the most recognisable incidents in recent history and one which is shrouded in mystery with little transparency and not many answers. What we're offering to the world is the truth, exclusively from us, one of the planets premier hacking organisations dedicated to breaching leading targets and acquiring the most scandalous materials that we may use in our systematic extortion campaigns.

If a full public release happens in the near future, we'll guarantee that we're going to withhold only the most highly confidential and sensitive documents for private sale. For the rest of you: don't worry, there's thousands of documents still to go around."

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 20:19:55 Id: bbd446 [Preview] No.13546 del
it is, why would anyone use bit coin which has all transfers public

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 22:56:08 Id: 7ed238 [Preview] No.13548 del
I'm sure the hackers who pulled this off know how to obtain Bitcoin through various accounts without personal information.

Reader 01/03/2019 (Thu) 08:20:47 Id: 564b38 [Preview] No.13549 del

Reader 01/03/2019 (Thu) 15:33:20 Id: 14cf46 [Preview] No.13550 del
I beg to differ. A lot of stolen files by hackers could have trojan viruses planted in them, and when opened, could infect your OS, making it become a botnet. I've heard of this kind of crazy stuff happening before. When dealing with stolen files (or anything on the dark web) you should always make sure your using a separate computer that is properly air-gapped. God only knows what could be imbedded in those files.

Reader 01/03/2019 (Thu) 15:36:32 Id: 14cf46 [Preview] No.13551 del
I would hope so, but remember, if they get targeted by some agency like the NSA, its over for them. The NSA has EVERYTHING. They have backups of every single bit of data running through ALL major ISPs. You can run, but you can't hide.

Reader 01/03/2019 (Thu) 16:43:54 Id: 6e6ed8 [Preview] No.13555 del
it's just a tiff a doc and a pdf

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 01:09:30 Id: 62090d [Preview] No.13565 del



LEAK #1 mirrored: https://www98.zippyshare.com/v/X50BstT1/file.html
LEAK #2 mirrored: https://www4.zippyshare.com/v/uMJbx6l6/file.html

Use OPSEC when dealing with these. Use an older air-gapped PC. You never know what kinds of viruses could be imbedded because these files were stolen by either 1) criminals, 2) foreign state actors or 3) defected US intel agents.

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 01:12:02 Id: 62090d [Preview] No.13566 del
How do you think software/OS's get infected? Opening infected files with trojans inside them. You don't actually see a virus, it runs deep in the background without you even aware of it.

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 09:35:41 Id: 551a80 [Preview] No.13569 del

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 09:36:24 Id: 551a80 [Preview] No.13570 del
>How do you think software/OS's get infected?
by running windows

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 09:38:28 Id: 551a80 [Preview] No.13571 del
the press release
didn't get to read it, anyone copy pasted it?

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 13:24:58 Id: afa613 [Preview] No.13572 del

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 13:36:19 Id: afa613 [Preview] No.13573 del
Update, here's the torrent file: https://anonfiles.com/6fx7q6pfb6/911_Archive.zip_torrent

Lots more have been leaked over the last day, up to 7 archives. I'm looking for parts 3 and 4 which I can't find.

Reader 01/04/2019 (Fri) 18:10:51 Id: e501ab [Preview] No.13578 del


I honestly have no idea what kind of evidence is in these files yet, as I've not yet looked at them. I'm assuming others are, and I do intend to glance through them at a later date as more come out.

Reader 01/06/2019 (Sun) 19:22:52 Id: 534501 [Preview] No.13612 del
no i mean the pastebin link that got deleted in there

Reader 01/06/2019 (Sun) 19:29:59 Id: 534501 [Preview] No.13613 del
why not mega?

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