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News & Current Events + Happenings
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HA HA! France Starts Taxing Tech Giants Google, Apple, Facebook & Amazon Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 14:51:27 Id: a16aec [Preview] No. 13535
France is not waiting for the rest of the European Union to start taxing the tech giants.

Big tech firms will now pay more tax in France, after the country decided not to wait for the rest of the EU to introduce the measure. The catalyst for the government’s decision to introduce the tax now was the Yellow Vest protest movement.

The French tax on Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, collectively known in the region as GAFA, came into effect on January 1st.

RT reports: The French government hopes to raise €500 million ($572 million) with levies specifically aimed at multinational tech firms, including Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said, announcing the move in December. He stressed that “the tax will be introduced whatever happens.”

Paris has been pushing for what it sees as fairer taxation of the big-tech firms in the European Union. Progress on the issue has stalled in Brussels, as the 28-member bloc is divided on imposing the levies on Silicon Valley giants. Any changes must receive unanimous approval by member states.

Critics say that the big-tech firms are making money from European countries’ economies, but use their complex structure to route some of their profits to low-tax member states.

The opposing block is led by Ireland, which has become a sort of Mecca for US tech companies, and hosts many of their headquarters. Estonia and Sweden are also among those who do not favor France’s bid, fearing that the taxes could trigger US retaliation.

The EU has been discussing plans for a three-percent tax on the revenues of large internet companies that make money from user data or digital advertising. However, the last round of talks on the matter in November resulted in no significant progress, apparently pushing France to move forward with it alone.


Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 14:52:08 Id: a16aec [Preview] No.13536 del
Was going to post this one yesterday but forgot.

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 15:35:53 Id: 317f84 [Preview] No.13539 del
(76.48 KB 258x270 Ronald Wayne.jpg)
(81.11 KB 620x413 141262456.jpg)
(242.49 KB 432x465 Jeff Bezos.png)
These kikes will now wail about their loss of the French Euro. Expect them to take to the press and start calling the French "Nazis", as they've said about brown Palestinians. Doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense. Few know what a National Socialist is anymore.

Reader 01/02/2019 (Wed) 21:29:12 Id: 0de7a5 [Preview] No.13547 del
(200.23 KB 500x376 1545626747329.png)
If they pull that shit it'll be a massive red pill to normies since they'll compare it to the Jewish owned media attacking Germany during WWII. It doesn't matter what PR move they play, they can't win.

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