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Digital Age Leading To Mental Disorders and Psychological Malfunctions Warns Shrink Industry Reader 03/14/2019 (Thu) 18:48:01 Id: bf99dd [Preview] No. 14196

The percentage of young Americans experiencing certain types of mental health disorders has risen significantly over the past decade, with no corresponding increase in older adults, according to research published by the American Psychological Association.

“More U.S. adolescents and young adults in the late 2010s, versus the mid-2000s, experienced serious psychological distress, major depression or suicidal thoughts, and more attempted suicide,” said lead author Jean Twenge, PhD, author of the book "iGen" and professor of psychology at San Diego State University. “These trends are weak or non-existent among adults 26 years and over, suggesting a generational shift in mood disorders instead of an overall increase across all ages.”

Twenge and her co-authors analyzed data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, a nationally representative survey that has tracked drug and alcohol use, mental health and other health-related issues in individuals age 12 and over in the United States since 1971. They looked at survey responses from more than 200,000 adolescents age 12 to 17 from 2005 to 2017, and almost 400,000 adults age 18 and over from 2008 to 2017.

The rate of individuals reporting symptoms consistent with major depression in the last 12 months increased 52 percent in adolescents from 2005 to 2017 (from 8.7 percent to 13.2 percent) and 63 percent in young adults age 18 to 25 from 2009 to 2017 (from 8.1 percent to 13.2 percent). There was also a 71 percent increase in young adults experiencing serious psychological distress in the previous 30 days from 2008 to 2017 (from 7.7 percent to 13.1 percent). The rate of young adults with suicidal thoughts or other suicide-related outcomes increased 47 percent from 2008 to 2017 (from 7.0 percent to 10.3 percent).

There was no significant increase in the percentage of older adults experiencing depression or psychological distress during corresponding time periods. The researchers even saw a slight decline in psychological distress in individuals over 65.

The increase in digital media use may have had a bigger impact on teens and young adults because older adults' social lives are more stable and might have changed less than teens' social lives have in the last ten years, said Twenge. Older adults might also be less likely to use digital media in a way that interferes with sleep – for example, they might be better at not staying up late on their phones or using them in the middle of the night.

“These results suggest a need for more research to understand how digital communication versus face-to-face social interaction influences mood disorders and suicide-related outcomes and to develop specialized interventions for younger age groups,” she said.


Reader 03/14/2019 (Thu) 18:51:33 Id: bf99dd [Preview] No.14197 del
That's a bit of humor right there, ironically this is what Jews would shill instead of actually solving the root problem: online addiction. This is the ONE thing I do agree with the Chinese on, btw. The Chinese actually will boot camp kids with severe online addiction and get them offline for a while to adapt to reality. And yes, it works well.

Reader 03/14/2019 (Thu) 20:40:35 Id: a50470 [Preview] No.14198 del
And the Japanese have social programs no, it's not "socialism" for those known as hikikomori, ie-the antisocial. They identified a problem with frequent kidnappings and public shootings, then dealt with it. American public shooters have two things by vast majority: bullying due to being antisocial and being incels. Elliot Rodger, enough said. James Holmes photoshopped a girl onto one of his selfies. The Columbine kids couldn't get laid and were bullied. Seung-Hui Cho dealt with both issues. The list goes on. This is all too simple. America would adjust too if our politicians gave a shit.

Reader 03/14/2019 (Thu) 20:45:43 Id: a50470 [Preview] No.14199 del
(324.04 KB 991x2534 2355464.png)
By the way, I should've kept this on topic. This should shed some light on the third facet of psychopaths.

Reader 03/15/2019 (Fri) 06:45:59 Id: 135c24 [Preview] No.14200 del
hemp oil help depression - wish i had it when i needed it

Reader 03/15/2019 (Fri) 15:15:16 Id: dd9242 [Preview] No.14201 del
Thanks, that image is a keeper. I know about the dangers of SSRIs already, one reason I never go to a head doctor either, they're just there to shill dope on people, thats how they make their shekels. And that was my original point too, they cause all these problems in society with all the PC/gender brainwashing, pushing social media on toddlers to get them hooked young, their hollywood propaganda subverting the minds of vulnerable males making them feel stupid and weak.... all this CRAP they do deliberately, and then when half the population goes crazy, are addicted to mindless consumerism and can't function properly in a normal society.... then they shill all these SSRI mind control drugs that make these nut jobs flip and start shooting people and taking their own lives. It is literally some kind of 21st century futuristic psychological warfare they have rolled out. And of-course if you question ANY of it, your labeled a "kook."

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