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(16.50 KB 474x266 hitler2.png)
Hitler did nothing wrong Reader 02/21/2020 (Fri) 14:39:25 Id: 97aaa9 [Preview] No. 15621
He was completely innocent

Reader 02/21/2020 (Fri) 17:30:04 Id: dde350 [Preview] No.15622 del

Reader 02/22/2020 (Sat) 01:04:59 Id: 05cc73 [Preview] No.15623 del
Not only did he do nothing wrong. He did everything right. Greatest Man to ever live.

Reader 02/23/2020 (Sun) 00:11:25 Id: f792a0 [Preview] No.15639 del

Reader 02/24/2020 (Mon) 16:55:40 Id: 2348ab [Preview] No.15644 del
(64.57 KB 784x480 NSDAP-Delegation.jpg)
100th anniversary of the founding of the NSDAP today.

Reader 02/24/2020 (Mon) 19:22:32 Id: dde350 [Preview] No.15645 del
(46.24 KB 300x261 tips.jpg)
That's right. The German Worker's Party became the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei February 24th 1920 in Munich which rose gradually from 7 members to around 11 million supporters in over 13 years. I suggest celebration by starting another one.

Reader 02/25/2020 (Tue) 02:31:50 Id: f792a0 [Preview] No.15646 del
Hitler was amazing

Reader 02/25/2020 (Tue) 02:43:30 Id: dde350 [Preview] No.15648 del
(1.71 MB 250x250 58.gif)

Reader 01/04/2021 (Mon) 22:00:43 Id: 0adaee [Preview] No.16697 del
(776.86 KB 1299x792 hero1.gif)
Bad ass dude, man of the people.
Goes to prison for ideals, writes epic anti talmudist book
rallies the nation
gold backed currency
war veteran with honorable service
hated by jp morgan crew
jp morgan a front for rothschild
admired by jfk, who got whacked when he opposed israel nuke weapons and wanted silver backed dollars.

Reader 01/05/2021 (Tue) 01:09:46 Id: 1b464a [Preview] No.16699 del
(174.76 KB 902x891 Reich workers.jpg)
>gold backed currency
Worker backed currency.

"One simple question faced me: Are we to perish because we have no gold; am I to believe in a phantom which spells our destruction? I championed the opposite opinion: Even though we have no gold, we have the capacity for work. The German capacity for work is our gold and our capital, and with this gold I can compete successfully with any power in the world. We want to live in houses which have to be built. Hence, the workers must build them, and the raw materials required must be procured by work. My whole economic system has been built up on the conception of work. We have solved our problems while, amazingly enough, the capitalist countries and their currencies have suffered bankruptcy. Sterling can find no market today. Throw it at any one and he will step aside to avoid being hit. But our Reichsmark, which is backed by no gold, has remained stable. Why? It has no gold cover; it is backed by you and by your work. You have helped me to keep the mark stable. German currency, with no gold coverage, is worth more today than gold itself. It signifies unceasing production. This we owe to the German farmer, who has worked from daybreak till nightfall. This we owe to the German worker, who has given us his whole strength." - Adolf Hitler, December 10 1940 Berlin, Rheinmetall-Borsig works

Now, imagine a society where the working class are held in high regard, given rewards for their service and generally respected. After a lifetime of being a corporate slave, I can't, but the very thought it was once a possibility pisses me the fuck off. Not only for myself, but my children and all future people who have to live on this shitball Earth now wholly controlled by wealthy kikes.

Reader 01/28/2021 (Thu) 01:01:10 Id: 0adaee [Preview] No.16847 del
I just wanted to bump and respond to your wise and true response to my epically hilarious Hitler meme above, my brother.
Yes, in 1938 JP kikeface Morgan, front for Rothschild Mammonists, crushed the gold backed mark.
However, as your excellent post points out, and again here we must praise Der Vader and his Folk, hehe, he literally turned factoryu production and prosperous unkiked people, into a currency of themselves, and for themselves, and yet not for themselves, alone. I ask you, if anyone deserves some of the kike flung mud to be removed from him, is it not, little old Adolf the war vet, who tried to do right, and whose father was an abusive asshole? Come on man, I know you feel me.
His model, if the kikes would gtfo of the way, could allow a man's daily work, to be removed from the communist shickle, and given back to him, to his home, to his hearth. I will surely be Hitler memeing this thread and board all year, because fuck those who hate VW bugs, that little car is easily a fine comment on the German people of that era.

Reader 02/03/2021 (Wed) 13:59:39 Id: 3982d3 [Preview] No.16918 del
He was guilty of not giving a fuck

Reader 02/03/2021 (Wed) 21:23:31 Id: 1b464a [Preview] No.16921 del
(226.26 KB 1024x692 0386393.jpg)
(143.97 KB 313x268 68746984.png)
(119.39 KB 600x200 animals loved him.jpg)
(95.29 KB 800x477 paulahitler.jpg)
No, Hitler wasn't someone who didn't give a fuck. His problem was he cared too much, about the German people, about the English, about Axis countries being invaded by the Bolsheviks. The Deutsches Heer was spread too thin to defend Berlin. Despite what lies kike media and kike education portray about him being a "monster", he was a good man who would've been better off being a bit more callous. But that's what separates him from the pathetic Zionist politicians who are all paid off by jews. He was morally sound. He wouldn't be bribed into compromise. If Hitler was heartless, he wouldn't have stood up against jews in defense of Germans and brought Germany into an economic paradise out of the Great Depression.

Reader 02/03/2021 (Wed) 22:40:02 Id: bfe158 [Preview] No.16923 del
(287.40 KB 1000x1239 roadsidetruth1.jpg)
Amen to that, how much pressure do the shitbirds thinbk falls upon a man who, having already faced literally hellworld in the trenches, running through guts and bones, can't even retire, no, he writes an astoundiungly truthful book about world topics and history, and then saddles up to lead as best he can, to the fucking death, surrounded by feebs and nincompoops. Also, his doctors were probably poisoning him, and he was pronbably given bad meds, and so every time I see the guy now, which is all the fuckin time, I feel a tremendous amount of pity for him. Check all the lames and also-rans around Adolf.

100 year cycle for Adolf. Regular Joe 02/04/2021 (Thu) 21:10:42 Id: bfe158 [Preview] No.16944 del
100 year cycle for Adolf.
"By early 1921, Adolf Hitler was becoming highly effective at speaking in front of ever larger crowds.
In February, Hitler spoke before a crowd of nearly six thousand in Munich. To publicize the meeting, he sent out two truckloads of Party supporters to drive around with swastikas, cause a big commotion, and throw out leaflets, the first time this tactic was used by the Nazis."

100 YEAR CYCLE 02/05/2021 (Fri) 19:21:58 Id: bfe158 [Preview] No.16955 del
In April of 1921, the victorious European Allies of World War One, notably France and England, presented a bill to Germany demanding payment for damages caused in the war which Germany had started. This bill (33 billion dollars) for war reparations had the immediate effect of causing ruinous inflation in Germany.

The German currency, the mark, slipped drastically in value. It had been four marks to the U.S. dollar until the war reparations were announced. Then it became 75 to the dollar and in 1922 sank to 400 to the dollar. The German government asked for a postponement of payments. The French refused.

Tardus 02/08/2021 (Mon) 15:20:34 Id: 9d4835 [Preview] No.16986 del
(15.33 MB 720x480 thorse1.webm)

Tardus 02/08/2021 (Mon) 20:31:38 Id: 9d4835 [Preview] No.16988 del
(5.19 MB 848x480 mpd1.webm)

Reader 02/08/2021 (Mon) 22:31:11 Id: 1b464a [Preview] No.16989 del
(5.65 MB 486x360 nuke israel.webm)

Tardus 02/09/2021 (Tue) 17:47:52 Id: 9d4835 [Preview] No.16996 del
(9.13 MB 746x360 father1.webm)

Tardus 02/21/2021 (Sun) 01:53:56 Id: 9d4835 [Preview] No.17109 del
(152.45 KB 612x943 gunfan1.jpg)
"Because of a certain vanity, which is always one of the blood-relations of unintelligence, the general run of politicians will always eschew hose schemes for the future which are really difficult to put into practice; and they will practise this avoidance so that they may not lose the immediate favour of the mob. The importance and the success of such politicians belong exclusively to the present and will be of no consequence for the future. But that does not worry small-minded people; they are quite content
with momentary results. - AH MK CH VIII

Reader 02/21/2021 (Sun) 10:02:30 Id: 1b464a [Preview] No.17111 del
(51.86 KB 321x534 349439754.jpg)
Bingo. Hitler said in relation to Bolsheviks amassing at Germany's borders:

"Russia demanded bases on the Dardanelles. If Molotov is now trying to deny this, that is not surprising. If tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he will be no longer in Moscow, he will deny that he is no longer in Moscow. He made this demand and I rejected it. I had to reject it. This made things clear to me and further talks were without result. My precautions were called for. After that I carefully watched Russia. Each division we could observe was carefully noted and counter-measures were taken. The position in May had so far advanced that I could no longer dismiss the thought of a life and death conflict. At that time I had always to remain silent, and that was doubly difficult for me, perhaps not so difficult with regard to the German people for they had to realize there are moments when one cannot talk if one does not wish to endanger the whole nation. More difficult was silence for me with regard to my soldiers, who, division by division, stood on the eastern frontier of the Reich and yet did not know what was actually going on. And it was just on account of them I could not speak. Had I dropped one single word I would not have changed Stalin's decision. But the possibility of surprise, which remained for me as a last weapon, would then not have existed. Any such indication, any such hint, would have cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of our comrades. I was therefore silent until the moment when I finally decided to take the first step myself. When I see the enemy levering his rifle at me I am not going to wait till he pulls the trigger. I would rather be the first to pull the trigger." - Speech at the Sportpalast on the opening of the Kriegswinterhilfswerk, Berlin. October 3, 1941

Up England, Adolf Loved You! Tardus 03/12/2021 (Fri) 17:50:31 Id: 503e14 [Preview] No.17295 del
Bumping this thread to fight AIDSkike bumps, with content and strategy.
Rebels, what do you think of them?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=EcZne8YKgGY [Embed]
https://youtube.com/watch?v=-BXoED0enCk [Embed]

Reader 03/13/2021 (Sat) 01:01:57 Id: 1b464a [Preview] No.17298 del
(32.66 KB 692x263 Rolling Stone.png)
(47.88 KB 633x194 traitor.png)
(317.54 KB 1899x820 01.jpg)
It's simple. Johnny Rotten no longer exists. He's John Lydon the shill for kikes now. Lydon deserves the rope and nothing more. It's not because he violated England's Treasons Act by singing against the Queen, and not because he sold out to Country Life: https://youtube.com/watch?v=8hzQsvxtLTM [Embed]
John Lydon signed his soul to Universal kike Lucian Grainge and played for jews in Tel Aviv, Israel. I'm not adding any fun shit and this post is a buzzkill. I know. It is what it is. Lydon betrayed everything he claimed to stand for. Now he's a dried up traitorous sell-out.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 03/13/2021 (Sat) 01:09:47.

Tardus 03/13/2021 (Sat) 14:28:07 Id: 503e14 [Preview] No.17304 del
Thanks once again for being right.
A sculpture by Malcom, whose grandmother was a jew, and his wacky wife.
Another man who could not just stand up and say Adolf was right. Having a mohawk means shit all if you just line up to fling lies at Adolf. England is completely kiked as is the USA, we need to get past these fakes, please write more if/when you feel this thread needs it.

Reader 03/17/2021 (Wed) 05:02:57 Id: a29c7f [Preview] No.17331 del
I wouldn't call ourselves "rebels". We're just people who care enough about humanity and the future to try and fix what's broken

Wasn't the guy who made the Sex pistols, Malcolm McLaren, a kike himself? Which is expected

sage sage 03/17/2021 (Wed) 05:03:48 Id: a29c7f [Preview] No.17332 del
Well you already answered me on McLaren >>17331

Reader 03/17/2021 (Wed) 09:28:07 Id: 1b464a [Preview] No.17335 del
(149.73 KB 345x868 McLaren.png)
Yes Tardus answered. You know, I remember suspicion back in the late 90s when I wasn't aware of the JQ or that Hitler was a good guy. There was this movie SLC Punk where the main character seemed contrary to his anti-establishment Anarchist stance three times. He beat up the National Socialist "punks" depicted with armbands, full coats etc. These were a trend I never saw the real world equivalent of throughout the 80s or 90s. Even as a brainwashed indoctrinated it was obvious to me National Socialism wasn't even in power so why the fuck waste time fighting them? Stevo shamed his father for being a jew driving a Volkswagen (the father and son characters are both actors of Irish descent in the real world) and the whole crew went apeshit at some guy who said he viewed National Socialists as "just a gathering of people" when driving all the way to Wyoming to get beer. The group of punks' enemies weren't even establishment cops as often as it was "the rednecks", as in the buzzword term for the lower class of people of European descent just struggling to survive through poverty. The two actual jews in the production were "Mike" (Jason Segel) and the "mod Eddie". It's obvious now those two kikes insisted all that bullshit went into the film. As for McLaren, the wealthy son of a diamond dealing kike doesn't strike me as "punk" yet he's the origin of this shit following the map of the French revolution which jews notoriously ran.

Tardus 03/17/2021 (Wed) 13:33:52 Id: 357cea [Preview] No.17336 del
Outstanding comments. Yes as you point out, the whole punk thing was as accessible as was Mosley, however which front requires the person to have responsibility, to have honor and ethics, as when Adolf fought Molotov on behalf of Finns, and insisted the Finns would be protected. Where do we see Malcom's hobby and his wife's rabble-fashion, having any ethics at all? I love never mind the bollocks but Lydon himself is tired of it, because he knows he was a lego block --skilled yes, but placed by some hand not his own. Now is the time for us to listen to Mosley and those who, even before DNA was really part of our knowledge, tried to tell us that doing right and acting right, had value. To jews, doing right and acting right are the acts of stupid goy. In the end it will take a war to restore right behavior.

Tardus 03/17/2021 (Wed) 13:37:14 Id: 357cea [Preview] No.17337 del
Well that's the point of discovery process as in legal terms. We, here, are the court of the new age.
To contrast the punk rebels, here's a man who never had a mohawk but who is quite the rebel of his time.
https://youtube.com/watch?v=FjltY8ditmg [Embed]

Reader 03/17/2021 (Wed) 17:30:03 Id: 1b464a [Preview] No.17345 del
(197.42 KB 499x280 giving up.png)
(304.02 KB 917x386 flashbackcross.jpg)
I forgot to mention the ending of SLC Punk when I was ranting about it in a rush this morning. This is relevant because you mention lawyerism a bit. The main character, Stevo who's an Irish actor portraying a jew punk, decided to give up Anarchy and join his Irish actor portraying his father jew. The punk became a lawyer. It's like the Wachowski Matrix kiked up trilogy. "Give up fighting, literally sacrifice yourself like this Jesus symbology one of kikes' favorite things to mock and everything will be sunshine and rainbows".

Reader 03/17/2021 (Wed) 21:13:36 Id: efc8cf [Preview] No.17347 del
>Give up fighting
They really wish that would come true. Never seen that movie, might watch it and get a laugh while I'm at it.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TRUTH TELLER Tardus 04/20/2022 (Wed) 18:05:30 Id: 53e230 [Preview] No.18312 del
(4.32 MB 757x427 gandolf1.gif)

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