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(295.83 KB 726x338 criminal antifa.png)
(90.35 KB 669x453 josephrosenbaum.png)
Kenosha Antifa scum: All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories Reader 09/03/2020 (Thu) 22:52:45 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No. 16216
A 17-year-old boy was charged with murder in the first degree after opening fire on three anarchist rioters in two separate incidents. The accused, Kyle Rittenhouse, is from Antioch, Illinois, just 21 miles from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha with his AR-15 in order to protect small business owners and citizens who were being victimized after being abandoned by their state government and police. Footage obtained by anti-extremism watchdog AntifaWatch shows the first shooting. In the video, a masked man named Joseph D. Rosenbaum is shown chasing Rittenhouse and throwing what some have claimed may have been an improvised explosive, but this has not yet been confirmed. Rittenhouse then shot Rosenbaum in the head as he charged and tried to take his rifle, an injury the attacker later died of. Earlier in the night, Rosenbaum, who is Jewish, was shown violently antagonizing the armed men, shouting "Shoot me, Nigga!" After Rosenbaum was shot, a mob of anarchists pursued Rittenhouse as he attempted to flee. The young man then fell to the ground as the "antifa" members began attacking him. Rittenhouse opened fire against two of the attackers, one who was armed with a handgun. One member of the gang, Anthony W. Huber, died after being shot in the chest. The armed assailant, Gaige Paul Grosskreutz, suffered a gruesome gunshot wound to the arm but survived. The media has jumped into action to paint Rittenhouse as a white supremacist domestic terrorist and the anarchists who were shot as innocent "peaceful protesters." But the facts bring this narrative into question.

Joseph Don Rosenbaum
According to public records, Joseph "Jojo" Rosenbaum has a long history of violence. Rosenbaum was convicted in Arizona in 2002 for committing an act of sexual misconduct with a child. According to his entry in the sex offender registry, he was a level 3 offender, meaning he was at a high risk of reoffending and a general danger to his surroundings. Arizona Department of Corrections records reveal that Rosenbaum spent 12 1/2 years in prison after being convicted of two counts of 3rd degree sexual misconduct against a minor and one count of interfering with a monitoring device. For sexual misconduct with a minor to reach the level of class 3 felony, the victim must be under the age of 15. More telling is Rosenbaum's 42 seperate disciplinary infractions while incarcerated, including numerous assaults, committing sex acts, manufacturing a weapon, and arson. He was then released in 2016. According to records from the Wisconsin Circuit Court, Rosenbaum had pending charges for battery as domestic abuse filed just last month.

Anthony W. Huber
Anthony M. Huber, the second anarchist who died at the scene, is being promoted as a hero by for-profit "charity" business Go Fund Me. His girlfriend has raised almost $70,000 in his name. Public records show that Huber was in fact a violent criminal with a history of abusing his loved ones. In 2012, Huber pled guilty to false imprisonment with a dangerous weapon and strangulation as domestic abuse. He appears to have violated the terms of his probation in 2016 and was sentenced to two years in state prison, much of it settled with time served. Huber was arrested again in 2018 for battery. The woman fundraising in his name, Hannah J Gittings, currently has a warrant out for her arrest for refusing a breathalyzer while driving drunk and driving with a revoked license. (continued)


Reader 09/03/2020 (Thu) 22:53:56 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16217 del
(606.78 KB 726x487 Grosskreutz.png)
Gaige Paul Grosskreutz
Gaige P. Grosskreutz, a pistol wielding anarchist who was shot in the arm while attacking the teenaged Rittenhouse, was charged with felony burglary and theft in 2013. He violated his probation just 4 months later. He has another arrest from 2017. It is unclear from public records if Grosskreutz was ever convicted of a felony. If so, his possession of a firearm is a serious offense that could net him 10 years in prison. According to a media puff piece, Grosskreutz was a professional activist with Milwaukee based "People's Revolution," a more extreme breakaway from the Black Lives Matter NGO. Virtually no mainstream media reporting on this incident has mentioned any of this information when reporting on GrossKreutz, Rosenbaum or Huber. The strong anti-social and violent streak exemplified by these individuals -- who were active participants in a violent riot and clear instigators in the shootings --is common among the rank-and-file of "antifa." Journalists hired by elite [kike] media may side with them against a 17-year-old boy engaging in self-defense, but it remains to be seen if America will.

Reader 09/06/2020 (Sun) 21:33:24 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16226 del
(81.92 KB 600x855 benny.jpeg)
(22.17 KB 1020x134 coop1.png)
(11.99 KB 1015x101 coop2.png)
Just going to leave this here. Suggestion: Don't get involved with any of these people. You'll always come out in the wrong and they won't

Reader 09/06/2020 (Sun) 22:29:54 [Preview] No.16231 del
I'm foreigner and i want to understand blm riots.
I know this started after Floyd was killed by cop and i know about such riots in the past.

What should i read?

Why your authorities can't use more force?
Because of armed people or something else?
I'm from Russia, i'm not a troll, just curious.
Not taking any side because i don't understand the truth.

Reader 09/07/2020 (Mon) 07:43:22 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16236 del
(443.04 KB 1567x887 This.jpg)
(1.79 MB 1712x2952 paid millions to lie.jpg)
(4.39 MB 6256x3240 1508446082055.jpg)
(382.00 KB 1684x1039 social media.jpg)
>Why your authorities can't use more force?
Our authorities preach force, but they're terrified of the consequences of public violence. That doesn't mean they aren't publicly violent. It's "racism" when a black man or woman is killed but not racism when a "white" man or woman is shot by police. To sum up why these race riots happen in America, you need to know who controls American media. Media is the primary tool of propaganda. This is nothing new.

^See, that's not a site any IDF internet spokesperson can easily discredit. It's the fucking Library of Congress.

America fought wars for international jewry. Against Germany. Against Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the war drums are beating for Iran. Most never ask why the rest of these were in the middle east. It's for Israel. Wealthy Israeli lobbies in the United States bribe politicians with "donations" and lavish trips to Israel. Seaside property. Condos. Congress is owned. You cannot become a member of U.S. Congress without signing a document of allegiance to Israel. Every president and rising politician thus sings praises for Israel, wants to fight their wars for them and sings for a "two state solution". The oil is just a bonus.

Reader 09/07/2020 (Mon) 12:11:03 [Preview] No.16238 del
i'm not encourage terrorism, but why people prefer hang themselves instead of clean some shit?
do you have any leaders who offer normal ways to fix social tension?
i mean, what i saw from your media and videos, this is like a controlled psychosis.
But obviously, act this way make country "less healthy", this is bad.
Divide and conquer - what it is.

Reader 09/07/2020 (Mon) 12:15:18 [Preview] No.16239 del
i mean not to kill somebody, but act more fearless.
In a legal field you can do a lot.

Reader 09/07/2020 (Mon) 17:02:15 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16242 del
(68.90 KB 640x408 1.jpg)
(129.89 KB 499x512 445.jpg)
(16.19 MB 1920x1080 They want your soul.webm)
>why people prefer hang themselves instead of clean some shit?
Individual Americans? The majority are consuming jewish mental programming. Growing up through the 1980s and 1990s, I watched as people increasingly lectured about how "cool" gays are. In the 90s, when a violent prick like O.J. Simpson stabbed his wife 12 times, it did have media coverage as he was found "not guilty". The negro has since admitted to doing it. That trial outcome was when shitskins were hugging each other and shouting, "Yes, fuck the white man!" Ah, but who noticed why there was such heavy media interest? It wasn't about Nicole Simpson's death. It was because the jew Ron Goldman was killed. I'm sure they hoped OJ would take the fall without too much focus on the real reason they wanted him to. But jews empowered their negro golems too much.
>do you have any leaders who offer normal ways to fix social tension?
Which normal ways? This is an abnormal parasite we're dealing with. We have no leaders who will go against the Zionist Occupied Government. Campaigning takes millions of dollars in donations in this Capitalist system, and third parties aren't allowed to succeed. It's either Democrat or Republican, which are financed by the same mega-corporations thus cater to those agendas. Many Americans buy into the illusion that their vote matters for Democrat or Republican, year after year. Millions in bribes and the threat of being slandered across mainstream media keeps them subservient to Israel.
>i mean, what i saw from your media and videos, this is like a controlled psychosis.
True. It's mental conditioning. Americans experience a lifetime of it. From childhood, as parents must both work to pay the bills and leave their children home with television brainwashing. That was mostly in the 90s. Since more are moving away from television, jews decided to dominate popular social media. Anyone calling jews out on platforms such as Facebook, Discord, Twitter, YouTube etc. have their accounts permanently banned.
>Divide and conquer - what it is.

Reader 09/07/2020 (Mon) 20:43:18 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16247 del
>I'm foreigner and i want to understand blm riots.

It's pretty much the same thing the bolsheviks did during the Russian Civil War. Incite classes against each other, spam as much agitprop as they can, rake in as much assets and money as they can from, assert even more control over people. Literally the same shit Funny because the Soviet Union even had an official Department of Agitation to begin with

Here's pretty much a summary what they're trying to pull off, again


Note: the first picture translates to "Destroy Kulak as a class" Yeah

Website I linked is kinda a little janky in content. Let me know if it's ok or not BO

Reader 09/07/2020 (Mon) 23:26:38 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16256 del
I have no problem with that particular article, though I will if you ever post the cunt named Larsen Halleck who authored "Jews Are Not Entirely to Blame" bullshit while the silly bitch mocked anyone who doesn't believe in the holocaust fraud.

Reader 09/10/2020 (Thu) 02:05:52 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16257 del
>named Larsen Halleck who authored

I think he wrote that article because, a few months beforehand, someone posted an article exposing (((them))), so they made that article to calm things down a bit It didn't help in the long run

But it's cool. No worries. I'll never intentionally share anything subversive on both here or /pol/

Reader 09/16/2020 (Wed) 21:30:21 [Preview] No.16268 del
>"Jews Are Not Entirely to Blame"
The name of the last jew in Russia was Leonid Kannegisser. He also was the last russian homosexual. Ever since he was shot by bolsheviks for the "murder" of Moisei Uritsky, we only have kikes and faggots.

Reader 09/19/2020 (Sat) 20:28:06 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16274 del
(674.89 KB 1920x1080 idkwbili.webm)
>faggot jews killing jews in positions of power and then being executed
webm related
>He also was the last russian homosexual
Come on now. No kike is a Russian just because they live in Russian territory. There is no such thing as a German jew, a Scottish jew, any nation jew. They're only parasites which play 5th column tactics to spread degeneracy and destroy nations within.

Reader 09/24/2020 (Thu) 01:05:20 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16280 del
(64.59 KB 440x454 ourobors.png)
(12.47 KB 480x360 stn.jpeg)
>webm related

Just the snake eating it's own tail, or Saturn devouring his own children.

It happens very often, and will always happen. The book "You Gentiles" touches on this in one chapter

Reader 09/24/2020 (Thu) 01:18:02 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16281 del
(473.64 KB 744x464 memorial.png)
If you want an even bigger example, look into "The Great Purge" , a repression campaign that happened in the Soviet Union.

Lots of (((commies))) got killed when that happened, even the Soviet top brass.

Reader 09/24/2020 (Thu) 04:15:41 [Preview] No.16284 del
(60.90 KB 635x635 5d92604398967.jpeg)

Reader 09/24/2020 (Thu) 04:23:19 [Preview] No.16286 del
(389.64 KB 3000x1999 GettyImages-868328714.jpg)

Reader 09/24/2020 (Thu) 18:31:09 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16287 del
What a disgusting image of death. The kid looks pretty stupid too.

Reader 09/24/2020 (Thu) 20:36:23 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16288 del
(198.60 KB 1242x757 FAILURE x3.jpg)
>What a disgusting image of death. The kid looks pretty stupid too.

That + trumpstain is a niggerfaggot too. Why even post that loser here anyway?

Was that supposed to make us laugh (((TOR-poster)))? Why'd you post the same image in 2 different threads? Doubt a pussy like you will ever answer

Anyway do you find this picture funny?

Reader 09/25/2020 (Fri) 08:25:26 [Preview] No.16289 del
Hello, folks.
I'm looking for visit USA soon, after corona decline.

I'm worrying about danger from firearms, lgbt and mirorities.
Is it really problem if you are white men?

Reader 09/25/2020 (Fri) 08:54:12 [Preview] No.16290 del

Reader 09/25/2020 (Fri) 11:52:44 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16291 del
(1.12 MB 1041x748 212432.png)
It's a problem if you visit a big city full of chimps. Not only the minorities are a danger. There are plenty of race traitors in these riot crowds completely willing to fuck your shit up just for being born with skin that labels you white, which comes from their Marxist university mental brainwashing conditioning. The traitors may either screech to beat the shit out of you, or simply stand around and watch as chimps do it. I've seen enough the mainstream media refuses to admit to.

Reader 09/26/2020 (Sat) 13:04:15 [Preview] No.16300 del
Damn, if i was an us citizen, i should go somewhere else from this.
Mad shit.

Reader 09/26/2020 (Sat) 13:06:38 [Preview] No.16301 del
I can't withstand too many people can carry handguns, get mad and shot you for nothing.

Reader 09/26/2020 (Sat) 18:19:18 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16302 del
(389.92 KB 750x750 7315468.jpg)
Which is why in America, you buy your own gun and apply for an open carry license. I would move if European nations didn't already have jews writing laws against one particular free speech option - speaking out against the jewish holocaust as a complete fraud. Most European nations have a penalty of 7 years or more imprisonment for what they call "holocaust denial". You can't deny a lie. If such a law is enforced in America, I will simply leave to the homeland of my ancestors.

Reader 09/28/2020 (Mon) 14:23:17 Id: 4a4ff7 [Preview] No.16304 del
Lo, doth blow the horn of Africa, and a wild Witcher appears!

(Is Alpha Beta Kappa just you? Or are there more people in the group that aren't on MangaDex?)

《It’s mostly just me, in that I get the raws, clean them, translate and typeset on my own. However, I do post the pages in discord before I release, so my friends can proofread them and find most of the typos.

As you can probably tell, I can’t redraw backgrounds at all so that’s why the quality kind of sucks. It’s all my fault.》

Summarized, this "thread" (Renegades of Pern anyone?) started out informative. Take Jojo Rosenbaum, man with a plan, not a good plan but a plan. Get shot, assume control of place in the graylmao Everquest playthrough and report back. Crackerjack man, the truth is fine it's the shitfuckers feeling her up under the bridge who defy description.
>leaders who offer ways to fax social Tien Shin Han?


Bennets ghost writer 09/28/2020 (Mon) 14:32:09 Id: 4a4ff7 [Preview] No.16305 del
This is where as usual, we veer off into easily ignored insanity. It happened. No amount of double think made it not happen. But then, I have a less than common perspective on institutions of human suffering. Shame it's vintage. Now the important part of this post: Star Trek The Higher Frontier is the driest bunch of prose ever written under the Star Trek name. I don't ever say this, but Kira Yourself My Ninja Turtle.

Reader 09/28/2020 (Mon) 17:28:41 Id: 2da3ba [Preview] No.16308 del
(1.06 MB 4059x1505 Psych War.jpg)
(325.73 KB 502x579 43654356456.jpg)
(145.31 KB 1404x992 43653645.png)
(398.01 KB 1600x751 435645.jpg)
(178.29 KB 749x581 23423423.jpg)
>It happened. No amount of double think made it not happen.
No, you insanity typing fool whose nonsense phrases come across like you've fed whole paragraphs through Google translate. Your perception is as dull as ever. If you were perceptive, you'd realize the jewish holocaust did not happen. https://holocaustdeprogrammingcourse.com/
However, I'm going to give you a chance you're very likely to take. That is completely ignoring those links and typing more lies on my board. Try it again. See what happens.

Reader 09/28/2020 (Mon) 23:10:33 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16309 del
Nothing you say makes any sense. Learn to write before posting

Yeah I was going to ask for the url you just posted. Let's wait and see if he has enough backbone and nutsack to respond to you

Reader 09/28/2020 (Mon) 23:40:54 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16310 del
(127.49 KB 479x600 Gulag_cover.jpg)
Question: what do you feel about the Bramburg massacre done by the Soviets, or the Katyn massacres done by the Soviets again. Or great leap forward orchestrated by Communist China where over 1 Billion Chinese died in only 1 decade? Or necklacing done by Nelson Mandela's wife against all of his political opponents during the Zerg rush done to South Africa by the communists to destroy it from the inside?

Or just answer about how you felt about "Drawings from the GULAG by Danzig Baldaev", a book that was written by a former gulag prison guard.


I wonder if he has a wall of text for that

Reader 09/29/2020 (Tue) 06:54:04 [Preview] No.16311 del

There are way too many racist faggots here fren. They even run prison camps for kids where they are abused and molested, no joke. Geo and Civic Corp are a couple of the bad ones, but MVM is probably the worst. Don't bother coming here. Lobby your local government for economic sanctions against the US until they stop doing bad things to kids.

Reader 09/29/2020 (Tue) 16:50:44 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16312 del

A made up insult created by Leo Trotsky, real name (((Lev Bronstein))), to silence political opponents during the (((USSR))) reign

>They even run prison camps for kids where they are abused and molested

I think you're doing that projecting thing again. Not a good look

Reader 10/01/2020 (Thu) 21:58:50 Id: f8c63c [Preview] No.16320 del
(114.32 KB 1395x1080 1377661624001.jpg)
Yeah, the guy you replied to is never going to answer. He's a shill who's been doing the same stuff >>16305 >>16304 for 6 years now

He went to another imageboard and argue with his other shills because he couldn't lie his way around here. Which is the norm

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