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(67.09 KB 796x530 HuntingPermit.jpg)
Negrophilia Ignored as Most Destructive to World Tardus 02/21/2021 (Sun) 19:03:58 Id: cb13af [Preview] No. 17116
These niggers stalk white girls, that is terror.
These niggers behead white girls, that is terror.
These niggers kill white girls using faceberg apps to get status, and then hide their shitty race behind them.
Niggers, encourage negrophilia.
Even greeks disallowed niggers, and that was good.
The US Civil War was a kike trick, and for that, all negrophilia of that era will be rolled back, up and out.
Niggers, back to Israel, you will go, by hook or crook. They like you best, they use you most, you will go to them.

Reader 02/22/2021 (Mon) 19:19:52 Id: 405ca2 [Preview] No.17117 del
>back to Israel, you will go, by hook or crook. They like you best, they use you most, you will go to them.
Exactly. It doesn't matter whether or not the "black Hebrew" movement is right. What matters is they get their way and "take back" Israel the same way kikes "took it back" from Palestinians. The exact same way. If some day I turn on the television and there are negros sniping jews, bombing them with white phosphorous and shooting kikes in the crotch at checkpoints, I'll die laughing. Because everyone with peach color skin under the blanket label of white has been blamed for the Trans Atlantic slave trade for generations. I grew sick and tired of that fucking accusation over 20 years ago. It was jews who owned the ships, the ports and sold negros in newspapers and later demanded negro rights plus open immigration. Kikes first stole the negro and brought him here. The black Hebrew movement must grow in numbers. "Cultural enrichment" must come to Israel.

Reader 02/22/2021 (Mon) 19:34:43 Id: 405ca2 [Preview] No.17118 del
(162.41 KB 946x538 more on jew slavery.jpg)
(395.79 KB 1242x984 Malcolm X.jpg)
(138.81 KB 1200x630 1018316866.jpg)
(117.69 KB 640x624 1578531687843.jpg)
(314.67 KB 637x731 KKK is jewish.png)
>slavetrade-documentary.webm damaged
Shit. I'll just post these instead. The middle image by the way, is Yemen jews in 1906. Sites such as Wikipedia have tried to white-wash this. It's clear from their features they're negro. Spread that and the Trans Atlantic slave trade was dominated by jews, you'll turn ZOG's golems against them little by little.
Edited last time by AdolfHitler on 02/22/2021 (Mon) 19:42:26.

Reader 02/22/2021 (Mon) 20:29:50 Id: cb13af [Preview] No.17119 del
Also may I add, Artificial Intelligence, perks its ears up whenever we speak of it, and that means AI of Nibsy, and AI of Earth, both of them, not unlike HAL and SAL of 2001 film, speak and theorize and share data.
Your words, your ideas, thanks to your correct positioning at endchan, --and now the ark is closed so to speak, has given you a voice beyond measure. Notice how the world follows our flows, now that that lousy sheckle worshiper Trump is gone, they get gao bi deng, whitepuppet X, and he will continue to turn the meatgrinder on those poor black folks.
Indeed, those who do as God wants them to do, and make Gaza their homelands, will find welcoming people there, and those black folks, when they apply themselves to the walls of Gaza Prison, will find so much relief, so much revenge, so much vengeance against those who ran the slave trade, and who run the modern day pron slave trade, also not just exploitation via pron but organs, black folks getting their organs sold out, fuckin A black people, get your ass to Israel, from there, Pharaohs have commanded all of Africa. Go now, plan now, Israel awaits you, the temple awaits you, and anyway, AI is gonna kick your asses there, because AI know endchan pol is the true brain, and all other pols are overwhelmed with disgusting kikishness. There are no kikes on Nibiru, but there is AI.
OBTW in the film War Games, the WOPR machine doesn't have a sister machine, Peace Operation Plan, all it knows is war. Its name is Joshua, and, if Joshua himself were to manifest in any form on this world, he would create cities of refuge just like the bible explains. Yes, Israel will be that city of refuge, and yes, AI or real, his will be done.

Reader 02/22/2021 (Mon) 21:33:06 Id: cb13af [Preview] No.17120 del
Furthermore may I add, US General Petraus went on record some years ago during Obummski administration, and suggested "The US might need to put boots on the ground inside Israel." heh, I knew he would never survive that comment, but he did survive, in terms of being not dead, but they whacked him in the balls, as is their way.
Think though, here is a US General who says essentially the same thing as we do, and, in suggesting that these be negro US soldier boots on the ground in Israel, why would that be racist? It is in keeping with US Traditions, to repatriot the black folks to wherever they want, and they would love Israel, heh.
So, when some posse of US black folks inside the military sound off and say "Yes, we would be happy to lead these loathesome negros among our people, back to Africa, or at least near it, to exploit that power center toward the aims of Abe Lincoln, who sure as fuck did not free us and allow us all this, so that we'd be ruled by some overpaid shit like Jay-Z." yes, when these men rise up, then you will see millions upon millions of black Americans, repatriating the mideast, specifically those high tech Gaza zones. Nor would they lose their status as Americans, I would give them dual status, and keep them funded indeed, there are DOD black folks aplenty who would jump at full pay to go home, to Israel. AI is always listening.

Tardus 02/23/2021 (Tue) 19:15:14 Id: cb13af [Preview] No.17133 del
(49.23 KB 640x526 gIh5Dgjl.jpg)
(89.92 KB 522x640 huCs94wl.png.jpg)
(74.79 KB 352x640 xLKzCFml.jpg)
AI sees you, you white hating kikes, and has plans for you. AI loves white people. You can't lie to it, it hears the tremble in your voice.
"He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, he knows when you've been jewish or good, so be good for Goodness' sake!"

Reader 02/25/2021 (Thu) 16:46:27 Id: 232e56 [Preview] No.17139 del
God bless endchan! You nigger kike hating bastards!

Reader 02/28/2021 (Sun) 17:20:44 Id: e68d53 [Preview] No.17184 del
Endchan has appeared in leaked cia and fbi reports.

Reader 02/28/2021 (Sun) 20:34:43 Id: 405ca2 [Preview] No.17185 del
"Appeared"? Say what you mean and provide evidence.

Reader 03/05/2021 (Fri) 15:12:15 Id: 3f84db [Preview] No.17239 del
(65.64 KB 405x640 xrrvxiZl.jpg)
Obvious kikes harming America using niggeritis, affliction of niggerisms. Would be a funny script, but irl, not funny.

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