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Arizona DMV/MVD Fucking America With Technology, Aiding Washington's Enemies Tardus 03/19/2021 (Fri) 16:26:26 Id: 67972d [Preview] No. 17370
I have always flown the flag with says on it "FUCK THE DMV" because that is where tyranny began for Americans.
Now of course, infiltrating methhead beaner mobile units with 20 people stufed into a fnord explorer, which factory just moved to wrexico anyway, is ignored by the media shits. Wrexican smugglers, causing highways to become mad max, is ignored by the absolute actual cunts in charge of driver registrations, etc. Your asshead tyrannical road troopers, aka, state troopers, have all their retirement funds paid in, by the DMV/MVD. Thus, the fucking over is total and complete, as the governors allow the dot and epa and all unelected cunts judges lawyers, etc, to implement chicom batshit facial recognition. THEY CAN'T GET VOTING RIGHT BUT THEY WANT FACIAL TECH TO FUND THE TROOPER RETIREMENT FUND


Tardus 03/19/2021 (Fri) 16:38:11 Id: 67972d [Preview] No.17371 del
(114.98 KB 1087x539 texasenemy1DMV .png)
I guess Texas is performing the same betrayal and hamhanded war against infiltrators.
This is from some forum user who says he lives in that totally kiked up zone with 100x too many sheriffs and cops and too few brains.

Reader 03/19/2021 (Fri) 23:08:13 Id: a5f485 [Preview] No.17377 del
This isn't going to be a very thoughtful question. It's just something I've had on my mind for months because of what I've had to wear on my face. How is this facial recognition shit even going to work with masks? Regardless:
Spot on. That is Texas exactly, except add in extremely heavy doses of negros and beaners with a rare chance of ever seeing someone else of European ancestry. When you might think you finally have, everything will immediately seem off. Then you'll come to realize it's that characteristic so-superior attitude of an overbearing nagging pain in the ass Ashkenazi jew. They're European bred just for the purpose of 5th column usurping roles they never belonged in. Any time you think you've spotted a traitor, look closer. If their name doesn't give them away (which does most of the time) their hideously distorted looks will.

Tardus 03/20/2021 (Sat) 17:07:35 Id: 67972d [Preview] No.17381 del
>facial recognition with mask mandates
The obedience we give to road troopers (RIP Lavoy gunned down on the USA autobahn) and OPG tow trucks, will be used against you.
They should read us all our miranda rights upon birth, but certainly they should read them when we get or renew or driving license. "Every thing you say and do will be used against you, to cuff you and bury in a faggot zone called prison, run by men, who are a loathesome cadre."
...Oh wait did I get the miranda rights wrong? No really, my version of the miranda rights is more truthful than the government and all lawyers on Earth.
Said another way, the chicoms force their people to face some eyeball scanner that reads the eyeball, 1000x better than any old face scanning antique crap, right? Blade runner, minority report, they've conditioned at least two generation to prepare to have their balls scanned. Heh, get it? THEY'VE GOT US BY THE BALLS!

sage Tardus 03/21/2021 (Sun) 14:52:13 Id: 67972d [Preview] No.17396 del
How ironic that the DMV and the road trooper union who murdered Lavoy and have no comment, will fuck you up and crush you, due to being Americans, but they won't even ask infiltrating beaners to report to court. In the fuiture, such men will be facing their own lack. You, cop, judge, attorney: Take that paycheck, and stuff it deep into the void where your soul used to be.

Tyrannical Kosherzone Massachusetts' DMV Tyranny Wonderfully Hacked Tardus 03/31/2021 (Wed) 16:25:09 Id: 67972d [Preview] No.17467 del
(539.63 KB 1200x670 roadtyrants1.jpg)
Fuck the DMV, and all tyranny of the roads.
Boston, traditionally, is a complete bagelzone, as General Sherman explained in his autobiography.
Today, thankfully, their assheaded tyranny of the roads, is wonderfully non functional. May it be rendered down into the same dust as the WTC 9/11 towers which Logan Airport wrecked, allowing the faux terror to move from their airport, outward. Also note Otis AFB, flew their jets literally out to sea, flew the planes in the wrong direction, from the 9/11 game>real event. BTW Rome, NY was where the simulated games on 9/11 which they didn't admit to until later were held, and so NY/MA along with FAA/milspec traitors, built the jewish DHS based on games going live. Let me tell you something: When you get pulled over by a road trooper who slaps those bracelets on you and tows your truck to the official police garage, it's no game: You are fucked at that time. Cops are braceleteers, well paid. All your motor vehicle fees and taxes fund tyrannical troopers.

Due to a systems outage, the safety and emissions stations will not be able to inspect vehicles today, March 31, 2021. Law enforcement has been notified that inspections are unable to take place and to give the consideration due on April 1, 2021. Information will be provided on this website when stations are able to begin testing again. Please check back regularly for updates."

Assachusetts implemented a new vehicle inspection system last October that had enthusiasts scared that the sky was falling. A strict computerized system with cameras in the inspection bays would ensure inspectors had no room to be lenient.

California Elected Dumbfucks Continue to Lack Fahrfergnugen Tardus 04/07/2021 (Wed) 00:54:10 Id: 9caac8 [Preview] No.17489 del
(721.93 KB 1500x851 carhatingshitbirds1.jpg)
How fucking hard is it to understand that a good society and nation flows on good roads and great cars? Adolf and Bohrmann knew this. Look at their offerings to the car world, the lovely VW and BMW and Benz --Testaments to their great nation and people.
And Americans are no slouch when it comes to classic cars and trucks, heh. Seriously, IT'S WHAT WE FUCKING ARE. And, these johnny come lately leftist shitballs have nothing to do with America, at all. And when they are gone, we will make great cars and trucks, once again.

PRIVATE SAFES STOLEN THIS IS JUST BEGINNING Tardus 04/15/2021 (Thu) 17:42:50 Id: 67972d [Preview] No.17528 del
I am bumping this thread because This video belongs here, and is the same tyranny, civil asset forfeiture. I think this guy is a lawyer, but, the point is, even if you play along with power, eventually they will fuck you. The Motor Vehicle headlock, which choked out good cars and trucks at good prices, and the fucking shitheaded fake Executive Obummer, who ran cash for 'clunkers' thereby reducing good motor vehicles, are the very moneygrubbers stealing any right to have a safe, at all. If you own a home and can defend it, you can have a safe. If you can afford it you can have a car. If you have a home in the mountains you can grow a garden until someone anon-rats you out and they come take your home grown medicine.
Also as he says, cash is not illegal, and it all smells like stripper ass and cocaine, not due to us, but to lawyering and kikes.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=oy3623YRsMk [Embed]

Reader 04/16/2021 (Fri) 00:15:59 Id: a5f485 [Preview] No.17529 del
Good point. The main moral of the story here is: Don't trust banks. The Italian word banco used to mean bench. That was where jews sat and lent money in the Renaissance, fleecing with their usury of too much interest and investing in local thugs to beat those who couldn't pay. Eventually, kikes started setting up storefronts for their moneylending. Then over the centuries it blew up into megacorporations frequently ran by jews. The word banco came to mean bank. Never trust anyone else to hold onto your money you earned.

Reader 04/17/2021 (Sat) 23:33:45 Id: bb10b1 [Preview] No.17536 del
Most banks are owned by the same people. Big banks are always buying up smaller ones too.

It's called a plutocracy/oligarchy

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