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Sacramento Mass Shooting: 6 Killed, 15 Injured As Gunfire Erupts Near Capitol Building Reader 04/04/2022 (Mon) 02:55:18 Id: 3a676e [Preview] No. 18260
Police in Sacramento said at least 15 people were shot, including six deceased. The mass shooting occurred in the city's downtown district in the early morning hours of Sunday. Sacramento Police tweeted the shooting location, at the intersection of 10th and J Streets, down the street from the California State Capitol Building. A video posted on Twitter allegedly shows a fight broke out. Then moments later, gunfire erupted, along with the sound of rapid gunfire. Another video shows the incident area around 0300 local time with a large police presence and the capitol building in the background. Some say at least 50 rounds were fired in a matter of seconds. At least one person on the scene said, "reports indicate a person in a car pulled out an automatic weapon and started shooting into a crowd gathered outside El Santo Restaurant & Ultralounge in the Downtown area of Sacramento." Police provided limited details about the mass shooting but said in a tweet that a "large police presence will remain and the scene remains active."


Reader 04/18/2022 (Mon) 02:08:31 Id: 1b9a16 [Preview] No.18302 del
What's going on in North America? That sounds crazy that it happened

Reader 04/18/2022 (Mon) 18:09:34 Id: 3a676e [Preview] No.18306 del
(582.12 KB 2000x1333 dandrae-martin.jpg)
It was this shithead, a member of the "Garden Blocc Crips". Crips and Bloods are mostly-negro American gangs (with some hispanics) dedicated to being twats.

"I Will Vote My Problems Onto The Kids" Confused Old Dumbfucks Reveal Tardus 04/20/2022 (Wed) 15:27:27 Id: 484bc2 [Preview] No.18310 del
>Crips and Bloods are mostly-negro American gangs (with some hispanics) dedicated to being twats.

True but it is useful to clarify that it was originally a black gang called the bloods. When during the 1990s the spyshits decided to sell crack cocaine to inner city youts they named a new gang "the crips" or promoted some dude who already started that name, whatever. I also must add, this shit will not be discussed on TV. So, yeah, I live in CA and I pray for war every day. California has always been a rolling battle, only the negro and the spanitch seem to get that. Based on my understanding of things, the white race is number three at running the state, so it's Mexican/Spainitch, 2: Black Muslim/Crips/CIA 3: Whites

It is helpful here to mention the Robert Heinlein book "Friday", a lot of Californians have read his stuff. Not the shitty crip filled negro film which launched some agents careers in Hollwodd, I mean the book, by the author.

The book mentions "Californians have one fetish above all and it is VOTING. They will vote on every problem, they would vote on a tidal wave coming toward them." I am paraphrasing here, but the point is that it is hard to penetrate the trance state when on is kicking it in the beach or in their modern car with radio blasting on summer days. In the book, they elect an Indian Chief as Governor and when the shtf he runs away with the money or is killed, the public is never told. ...Another comment is that both Abe Lincoln and Gen. W.T. Sherman turned down the Governorship of Cali in their day. A nest of vipers fighting over a swamp they paved and built the capitol on.

No Amount Of Slapping Can Fix This Tardus 04/21/2022 (Thu) 15:12:07 Id: a7509b [Preview] No.18316 del
Let me be perfectly clear. Were I to be swept up into power from nowhere, I would not persecute either the browns or the blacks. The browns have wondrous families great loyalty, they front well, they are for the most part Christians who discuss Christ in their hearts and in their lives, and I would not mistreat them or give them lower station. This would not mean that we would be kissing their asses and hiring only bilingual people and so forth, because, on that matter I am with my black friends who are also not interested in a multilingual world. A black person who speaks only English is worth more to me than some INTL whosawhutitit that just jumpoed off the boat. The crip walkin man, I would prefer over the African boat man, because one of them is an American for better or worse and has a momma, somewhere the fuck, and also, a lot of good men and women have served with might and vigor in the US armed forces of which I am a fan. Black folks have been nice to me my whole life. A few niggers have hit me or tried to provoke some shit but also there were far more times where regular black Americans helped me, and I owe them a debt of general human kindness.

I think as Americans, we need that, we need a gas station for example, where civility reigns. Having said that, if I were the boss, I would station national guardsmen of the same race, with groups of the same race in terms of the public. I would have to break PC and I would have to really get in there with the wet wipes and hit the nasty dirty asscracks of the CA public. Oh yeah, you'll love me. The meanest man alive trying each day to be nice to all the rainbow of people. Ha ha ha. But seriously, if civility was lost at the gas pumps, I would have my national guardsman drop your fuckin ass right there and I would let the public or your family loot your body. I would have to keep people civil at the gas pumps, foremost. I would actually have jersey barricades and run ups and green zone for my gas pumps let's say I took over walmart or am pm. AM pm really is the California service leader, I enjoy their services regularly. A big thank you to all the AM PM ARCO employees in California, as a sometimes homeless man sleeping in my truck, what would I do without you? Thanks.

So having said all that, I did not mention the inner city foofy type of Californians who go to nightclubs. Either you like "night clubs" or not. I can remember being young and single and groomed so as to go to the nightclub and be seen, etc. Not my thing these days. So, what we have here is some browns and blacks fronting at the night club. Frankly, I would not put my guardsmen at the night clubs. I would talk to the local whores and find out who runs them, and kill those guys and take over their whoring. That would be the best I could do for the night club racket. Also I am a tee totaller --I don't drink booze anymore. I was a sponsor for sobriety for my beloved wife for fifteen years to her finally leaving this demonic world behind. So, I will have a lot of people who I am trying to keep out of nightclubs. There needs to be a temperance party, but what I would do is discuss how the bullshit about banning alcohol actually morphed into the ATF --DUE TO KIKES who just can't wait to get more power, become bigger cops. oooohhhh, Well anyway, also, with my forces I would surround Burbank and hit them with artillery.

The Wind and The Witch Tardus 04/21/2022 (Thu) 15:24:45 Id: a7509b [Preview] No.18317 del
Also as Governor of CA I would immediately begin strategic talks with the Russians and the Japanese. The Japanese are incomparably unique and lovely, bold people. The Russians are white like me, and have a grudging and real respecty for their Japanese foe, and so I think a triad of power could rise therein. Everyone in our way wil be insignificant. I would leand of course the mighty destructive powers of the Ohio subs to the Japanese, true warriors and they would drive Mao and communist thiefs into the dust.

I would elevate the humble Christians and Busshists of the Islands like the Philippines and Thailand, and I would not harm the muslims of the Indonesia realms, good folk are there.
I would on the South, begin robust and high perspective talks with the wonderful Mexican people, who above all do not want the American War Machine that I would bring, to come upon them. I would explain that Russia and Japan want to help them develop their budo, to develop their excellent people. We would help them to rise to the tops of their mountains, where the barefoot people live, their greatest treasures. We would discuss the Jesuit and how he works, and we will elevate Christ as always among them. This would of course ripple through the Southern realms, as they are a gossipy and Christ loving people. Peace will descend upon the brown folks like the gentle caress of a kind father.

As for what we would do, well, I would encourage both kite flying and also sailboating, because the two go hand in hand. And, also, batteries and shit like that, is a false road. Kites, wind power, and boating, is what we pacific peoples, were meant for. I have a sailboat, and it is trailered and humble. I would say to all to follow my ways and perhaps bounde down the coast a bit, etc. I would say once we have our flotilla of small boats, we will then take over Catalina and the channel Islands on the same day. Not a blitzkreig, more of a sailkreig. AVAST YE MATEYS YEVE BEEN CAPTURED

Oh man can you imagine the fees we can charge for visits to the islands?? We''l be rich me shipmates!11 RICHH!!!

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