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Pfizer COVID-19 Shot Killed 1,223 People in 28 Days During Trial Reader 05/08/2022 (Sun) 00:09:36 Id: 235164 [Preview] No. 18353
There’s all sorts of information coming out of these Pfizer documents that have been released to the public. One of the more damning pieces of information is how their shot killed 1,223 people in 28 days during its trial. The shots also caused aborted pregnancies. All sorts of adverse reactions were recorded during the trial. It was also shown to have a 12 percent effectiveness rate even though we were told it was 95 percent effective. The fact that the shot was approved by the government is just another example showing how insanely corrupt and evil this whole system is.

Some have speculated that the Supreme Court leak on Roe v. Wade was done to distract from all of this. They could be right, but either way, the jewish media is totally ignoring this news. Pfizer which is a jewish company has historically been a major advertiser on these jewish networks, presumably in part so they don’t receive negative media coverage. Of course, it is largely just jews covering up jewish crimes. This entire virus hoax and the vaxx rollout was heavily pushed by jews from the start. There is absolutely going to be an attempt to conceal and hide these unbelievable crimes. Fortunately, the average person reading this site knew what was going on with this from the start and did not take one of these poisonous injections.


Reader 05/08/2022 (Sun) 00:41:24 Id: 235164 [Preview] No.18355 del
Also see 1.2 Million Reports of Injuries After COVID Vaccines, VAERS Data Show http://www.renegadetribune.com/1-2-million-reports-of-injuries-after-covid-vaccines-vaers-data-show/ https://archive.ph/wip/hOdmn Some of my coworkers who were pro-death-vax have recently come down with "mysterious blood clots", I hope this type of revealing news gets out to more people. Yet the sheer fucking blindness of the populace and ZOG influenced corruption makes me doubt it.

Reader 05/11/2022 (Wed) 03:05:39 Id: d5c738 [Preview] No.18372 del
>Also see 1.2 Million Reports of Injuries After COVID Vaccines, VAERS Data Show

And those are the early ones we're getting. Who knows how many we'll get in the next few years

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