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Leaked Video Shows FDIC Brokers Discussing Business Collapse, "Bail-Ins" To Save Themselves Reader 01/03/2023 (Tue) 10:43 Id: 538c6c [Preview] No. 19607
Leaked Video Shows FDIC Brokers Discussing Business Collapse, "Bail-Ins" To Save Themselves

In the brief video below, FDIC Brokers talk about 'Bail-Ins' to manage an approaching Business sector breakdown. They're discussing monetary emergency and their absence of confidence in our financial framework and how to hold the general population back from going crazy.

Stunningly, one of the Brokers, talking about the general public, bluntly says they should not put out info because the public "does not have a professional need to know."

Another says "I think you'd scare the public if you put this out." He goes on to say that "You have to think about the unintended consequences of telling the public, which may have more faith in the banking system than people in this room do . . . ." and finishes by saying "I would be careful about the unintended consequences of starting to blast this out in the general public."

Another says "It's important for people to understand they can be "Bailed-In" but you don't want a huge run on the institution,... and they're going to be..."


Different people will come to different conclusions about this video and its context. But one thing no one can dispute is that the FDIC is now openly talking about "Bail-Ins" here in the United States, and in those talks, making clear they do not have full faith in the banking system.

For those unaware, a "Bail-in" is when a Bank goes belly-up and instead of you getting your money, you are given new SHARES in the bank that failed. You get an ownership interst in the (failed) bank that maybe, somehow, someday, you can sell those shares and maybe get some of your money back.

The fact that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation is now openly talking about this, tells you most of what you need to know about the banks, where the system is heading, and what they plan to do TO YOU, when it gets there.

Got cash and preps stored? You'd better!


Reader 01/03/2023 (Tue) 15:15 Id: d36129 [Preview] No.19608 del
For those who can afford to, the trick is to keep taking money out of your bank account every now and then and putting it towards a preparedness planning. Diversify some of your savings into owning some private property, having a little bit of physical silver and hard cash for bartering, and buying things that will help you in hard times, low tech and no tech solutions. Food, water storage or rain water collection schemes, guns/ammo/cleaning kits, extra shoes/boots/clothing/underwear, some power inverters/solar trickle charges/propane and solar generators/12V deep cycle batteries (solar and propane, because gas goes bad much faster and won't be readily available when SHTF), tools and supplies, health supplements, heirloom seeds and the means to grow your own food (greenhouse/gardening equipment), etc. I know I've said this a lot before but it's only going to get worse from here on. You are either prepared for it, or you won't be and be at other peoples' mercy. Those that try looting out where I live are almost guaranteed to be shot. Marauding comes with high risks. So be smart. Be prepared.

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